6 Best Sandbags for Home Workouts

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is the best sandbag on the market today but there are other great options that may better suit your needs or budget.

To help you choose the right sandbag for you, we have put together this list of the 6 best sandbags available as well as a buying guide so you know what to look for.

Best Workout Sandbags

workout sandbag

Best Overall Sandbag: Rogue Sandbag 2.0

Best Overall Sandbag
Rogue Sandbag 2.0

Excellent quality, extremely durable, makes it is easy to see why the Rogue sandbag is popular in the exercise community and our top pick. 


  • No. of Handles: 7
  • Weight Range: 40lb – 150lb
  • Material: 1000D Cordura

Pros: Great build quality, very durable, all-in-one design, long warranty, comfortable handles

Cons: Quite pricey

Sandbags are a type of gym equipment extremely popular with CrossFit users.

As such, it’s no wonder that the top pick on our list comes from Rogue Fitness, one of the premier manufacturers of CrossFit gear on the market. If you’ve ever bought any decent range of equipment for CrossFit, the chances are that you’ve purchased some of their products. 

And that’s with good reason as well, seeing as these are incredibly high-quality sandbags. You will find that they are some of the most durable sandbags on the market.

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is the updated version of their highly popular standard sandbag. The major upgrade is the sandbag now comes with a permanent funnel filler bag sewn into the lining (see below),

rogue sandbag best

The benefit of this integrated, all-in-one design means you can start loading the sandbag right out of the package.

You no longer need to worry about adding or switching out separate modular filler bags.

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is made in the USA and constructed from ultra-tough 1000D Cordura.

It has seven exterior nylon webbing handles to enable a wide range of training movements.  The handles are boxed stitched at all junction points with a good quality webbing – this makes for a very comfortable, stable, and secure grip.

The sandbag’s heavy-duty zipper with a nylon backing ensures secure closure and easy access. Rogue back up this durability with a 3-year warranty against any rips or tears.

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 comes in small, medium, or large with max weights of 40lb, 80lb, and 150lb, respectively.

Key Takeaway

The Rogue Sandbag 2.0 is an easy choice for the best overall workout sandbag. Top-notch quality, comfort, and durability where it is needed – all backed up by Rogue’s 3-year warranty.

Best for CrossFit: Brute Force Sandbag

Best for CrossFit
Brute Force Sandbag

One of the most popular workout sandbags on the market for good reason. Its comfort, high quality, and tough durability make it perfect for CrossFit. 


  • No. of Handles: 8
  • Weight Range: 25lb – 75lb
  • Material: 1000D Cordura

Pros: Great weight range, quite affordable, versatile

Cons: Long handles not as suitable for shorter individuals

Workout sandbag

The runner-up on our list of the best sandbags for home workouts is the Brute Force sandbag; definitely, one of the best options for strength training with a twist.

If you’re a CrossFit beginner who wants some equipment enabling them to make the biggest progress as fast as possible then this is the product that will help you achieve just that.

First of all, the amount of weight you can put in these bags should be more than enough for most people. But that’s not the main selling point of the product; the fact that it’s one of the toughest bags on the market means that you get quite a lot of bang for your buck with it. 

The handle grips are also quite comfortable, allowing you to perform the widest possible range of exercises. Apart from that, some users will be happy that there’s a decent range of different colors that you can choose from. 

Key Takeaway

The Brute Force Sandbag is one of the most popular sandbags on the market for good reason. It balances high quality and tough durability with comfort and affordability. A perfect choice for both fledgling and hardy CrossFitters.

Most Durable Sandbag: Onnit Sandbag

Most Durable
Onnit Sandbag

Probably the highest-quality sandbag on our list, the Onnit Sandbag is extremely durable and can also hold up to 400lbs.


  • No. of Handles: 4
  • Weight Range: 30lb – 400lb

Pros: Incredibly durable, excellent build quality

Cons: You may need some getting used to the smaller number of handles

Right off the bat, we have to mention that this is one of the highest-quality sandbags for home workouts on our list, especially when we take durability into account.

Most durability tests have shown that this sandbag (though that’s not its recommended weight) can hold up an amazing 400lbs! This means that people with the strongest physiques who want to perform the most challenging possible workouts won’t have a problem with this Onnit sandbag.

One of the most significant ways the sandbag differs from others is that it doesn’t have many handles. There are only four of them.

And that may be strange, considering that most other manufacturers like to point out the huge number of handles that they have and the versatility of workouts that these bring.

Instead, Onnit has designed their sandbag to be grabbed and gripped as this will enhance your functional grip strength.

The handles Onnit did include will cover you for the essential movements. The two handles at the end are also necessary for rotational drills (using a SteelBell as an insert).

All-in-all, the sandbag’s design means you can perform a variety of rotations, swings, and other movements normally restricted to a Bulgarian bag.

Key Takeaway

The Onnit Sandbag is built to last. It doesn’t have the number of handles of other sandbags on this list but this is intentional.

Best Strongman Sandbag: Rogue Strongman Sandbag

Best Strongman
Rogue Strongman Sandbag

The Rogue Strongman Sandbag is incredibly well-made and comes in six different sizes - progressing up to 400lbs.


  • No. of Handles: None
  • Weight Range: 100lb – 400lb
  • Material: 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura

Pros: Great weight range, excellent design for easy gripping

Cons: No handles

Not all sandbags that we’ve reviewed have many different handles; in fact, the Rogue Strongman sandbags have no handles at all.

However, that’s precisely their point — forcing users to think about balancing and perfecting their grip instead of purely using handles.

As you might assume from the Rogue brand, this is an incredibly well-manufactured sandbag. Plus, you can order these in six different sizes, allowing you to progress up to 400 pounds of weight easily!

Most people who have used this sandbag have reported that the material they’re made of is solid and that the sandbags are as great as advertised.

The fact that the covering fabric is somewhat thinner and longer also makes these sandbags easier to hold and grip. 

Key Takeaway

A tough, high-quality sandbag perfectly designed for strongman training.

Best Budget Sandbag: Rep Fitness Sandbag

Best Budget
REP Fitness Sandbag

The Rep Fitness Sandbag is a highly affordable option that doesn't skimp on quality. 


  • No. of Handles: 7
  • Weight Range: 5lb – 200lb
  • Materials: 100D Cordura

Pros: Great number of handles, excellent durability, very affordable

Cons: Not the best maximum weight

When it comes to the best sandbags for home workouts, you should consider a wide variety of factors, some of which we’ll get into below.

However, you also need to think about some practicalities that don’t pertain to the workouts you do themselves, for instance, how much money you’re prepared to spend on these sandbags. 

And if you’re looking for some sandbags that can provide some variety to your home gym without you having to incur huge costs — this is the kind of product you need.

On this list, the Rep Sandbags are pretty much the most affordable option; without forcing you to compromise quality!

No matter what kind of workout you do, these bags aren’t likely to rip, fray, or start leaking. You won’t get something better than this for less than a hundred bucks for each bag!

Key Takeaway

The Rep Fitness Sandbag balances quality and affordability to provide an excellent value for money option.

Best Sandbag for Outdoor Workouts: Garage Fit Sandbag

Best for Outdoor
Garage Fit Sandbag

Garage Fit’s weighted sandbags feature an outer shell and filler bags designed using extra-strong, waterproof nylon Cordura making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 


  • No. of Handles: 4
  • Weight Range: 30lb – 125lb
  • Materials: 100D Cordura

Pros: Sturdy outer shell, waterproof double stitching for more durability

Cons: Low weight range

workout sandbag

Our final pick on this list is one of the heavy-duty sandbags that are perfect for your garage — the aptly named Garage Fit product.

This manufacturer has sought to make a sandbag that will easily adapt to outdoor and indoor workouts, which they have achieved with ease. 

The sandbag has a lining made from incredibly durable nylon, allowing you to remain sure that no kind of exercise will render this sandbag unusable due to ripping or similar structural issues. 

Key Takeaway

For those who like to take the gym outdoors then the Garage Fit Sandbag is a great choice.

Workout Sandbags Buying Guide

best Sandbags workout

As you can see, there’s a wide range of choices when it comes to buying the very best sandbags for home workouts.

Many manufacturers offer their take on the classic workout sandbag that people have been using for centuries. That said — choosing the best sandbag among these may not be something you can do easily.

With that in mind — we’re going to present you with a list of the factors you should consider while choosing your perfect sandbag!


Remember — sandbags are excellent tools for heavy-duty workouts, the kinds of exercises that can take a heavy toll on anyone. This is precisely the reason why these sandbags have to maintain a certain level of durability to be usable.

Think of how your workouts look when you do them with regular weights at the gym. If we’re talking about the heaviest possible dumbbells out there, at the end of your series of reps, you’re almost always at the very end of your strength.

It’s relatively easy to become simply too tired and weak — and thus forced just to let the weights fall from your hands to the ground. Seeing as we’re talking about steel or iron, that’s nothing too bad.

But with a sandbag, the story is quite different. If you allow this to happen with a sandbag, you risk tearing or ripping it.

And considering the premium price you may be paying for the upper-tier sandbags on this list, you want them to last you a long while. Considering all of that — make sure that you’re getting a sturdy, durable bag.


Your sandbags’ specific shape is one of the deciding factors in ranking just how useful it will be for you. Hence — you need to ensure that you’re getting a sandbag that’s not going to be awkwardly shaped, hindering your exercise with it. 

And as you start browsing the best sandbags on the market, you will find that there are plenty of different shapes out there. Still, the most commonly bought sandbags are cylindrical ones — so keep that in mind as you buy yours.

This is no mere coincidence either — such a shape allows your bags to retain the highest possible level of functionality. Cylindric bags give you the most precise balance and weight distribution you could hope for. 

Weight Limit

One of the most significant factors deciding whether you’ll be able to get a sandbag that suits you is the weight range for a particular line of products in this niche.

To put it in simpler terms — people who intend on making constant strength progress with sandbags will want to start buying from a manufacturer who can provide a great range of weights. 

best sandbags


People who haven’t worked out with sandbags may not realize the pivotal role the handles play on these products. The positioning of the handles and their number will decide what kind of exercises you can do with any particular sandbag.

For instance, the sandbags with one or no handles have the best possible weight balance — but they are harder to grip, thus barring you from doing some of the more complex workouts with them.


Now, obviously — you aren’t likely to dunk a sandbag into the water, as that would practically ruin it.

But, you never know when you’re going to spill something on the sandbags; or you may sweat too much during your workout. Considering that, you want a sandbag that’s as waterproof as possible. 

Also, if you plan to work out outdoors then waterproofing is a must.

The most waterproof sandbag we could find is the Garage Fit Sandbag.


As with all gym equipment, price is a factor. The typical price range is from around $50 up to $200.

In general, the higher the price the more durable the sandbag. Also, higher weight capacities tend to be more expensive.

On our list, you can find the full range from the Rogue Sandbag 2.0 down to the Rep Fitness Sandbag.

Benefits of Sandbag Workouts

sandbag workout

Sandbags provide a thing called dynamic resistance. This means their weight shifts throughout the movement.

So, our muscles have to work harder and adapt to the moving weight. This allows us to get stronger in our primary and stabilizer muscles.

If we compare sandbags to a barbell, we can understand the concept of dynamic resistance a little better. The weight in a barbell will stay in the same place throughout the movement.

The sand in the bag moves every time the weight is moved. Building stability helps strengthen our joints and thus minimize the risk of injuries. 

Sandbags are also a great travel companion. The bag doesn’t always have to be filled when moving it around. This means you can pack it into your suitcase and fill it back up at your destination. This way, you can stay fit while on the go. 

My favorite thing about sandbags is their versatility.

They can be used for pretty much anything. Strength building, fat burning, cardio enhancing, the sandbag can do it all.

Fill the weight up and perform traditional bodybuilding exercises such as the squat, row, and overhead press to build muscle.

If cardio is more your jam, simply empty some of the weight and use it in a circuit-style workout. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can even take it on your runs to really test your capabilities. 

Finally, sandbag workouts are amazing for improving sports performance and everyday life.

There’s a reason why sandbags are so synonymous with military-style training. There are very few pieces of equipment that can challenge the effectiveness of a sandbag.

If you think of a sport like American football, you’ll know it requires an insane amount of power and speed. Things like sandbag sprints help build power and speed very effectively.

Additionally, sandbag training carries over well into everyday tasks. Think about when you put a bag into overhead storage. Sandbag training mimics that type of movement, so you can easily perform these sorts of tasks.

Best Sandbag Workout for Building Strength & Burning Fat

For the exercises below, perform 3 sets of 10 reps with 60 seconds of rest between sets. Check out our article on the Ultimate Sandbag Workout for instructional videos.

Sandbag Squat Thruster

Hold the sandbag in front of your chest. Squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor, then explode upward and press the bag over your head. Stand tall for one count, then sink back down into a squat.

Thrusters can be quite challenging if you’ve never done them before. To make them easier, perform the squat and press separately. Perform a squat, then pause at the top before completing the press. 

Sandbag Reverse Lunges 

6 Best Sandbags for Home Workouts 1

Hold the sandbag over your upper back. Take a long step back until your back knee touches the floor. Drive through your front foot to return to standing. Pause briefly before repeating with the other leg. 

If you find you’re a bit unstable when performing reverse lunges, try forward lunges instead. Simply take a long step forward, then drop your hips to form a 90-degree angle. Push through your front foot to return to standing. 

Sandbag Rows

Hold the sandbag in front of your hips. Slightly bend your knees, then push your bum back until your chest is near parallel to the floor. Pull the sandbag to your belly button, pause for one count, then lower the sandbag back to your hips. 

If you find this position uncomfortable, switch it out for a sandbag chest press. Lay on your back with the sandbag on your chest. Push the sandbag towards the sky for one count, then slowly lower it back to your chest. 

Sandbag Plank Pull Throughs 

Begin in the plank position with the sandbag next to your hand facing outwards. Transfer the sandbag to your opposite side by pulling the sandbag under your torso. Return to the plank position between each transfer and continue alternating sides. Keep your core, abs, and buttocks tight throughout. 

If you find this too challenging, drop to your knees during the plank and perform the same movement. Moving to your knees places less stress on the shoulders, making the movement easier. 

Sandbag Clean and Press

6 Best Sandbags for Home Workouts 2

Hold the sandbag in front of your hips. Slightly bend your knees, then explode through your hips to pull the sandbag up to your shoulder. Pause briefly before pressing the sandbag overhead. Lower the sandbag back to your hips before performing the next rep. 

The clean is a complex movement. If you find it too difficult, perform the press. To make the press easier, use your legs to help generate momentum. With the sandbag on your shoulders, dip your knees to help drive the sandbag overhead.  

Sandbag Single Leg Glute Bridge 

Lay on your back with the sandbag on your hips. Pull your feet towards your bum and place them flat on the ground. Lift one leg off the floor and extend it fully. Keeping your upper back on the floor, push your hips towards the sky for a count of one, then slowly lower. Perform 10 reps on one leg before switching to the opposite side. 

The single-leg glute bridge can be easily substituted for a regular glute bridge. Simply keep both feet on the floor and repeat the same movement. 

Sandbag High Pulls

6 Best Sandbags for Home Workouts 3

Hold the sandbag in front of your hips. Slightly bend your knees, then pull the sandbag up to shoulder height for one count before slowly lowering back to your hips. Think about keeping your shoulders pointed towards the sky and keeping the sandbag close to your body. 

This exercise focuses on your upper body. However, if the sandbag is too heavy, you can get your legs involved to make the movement a little easier. With each rep, extend your hips and legs to help build momentum for the pull. 

Workout Sandbag FAQs

6 Best Sandbags for Home Workouts 4

How Do You Fill a Sandbag?

Okay, filling a sandbag may seem easy at first glance.

After all, there’s not that much to it, right? You’ve got a bag, and you’re supposed to fill it with sand — easy peasy!

But no — in reality, there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you do this. 

Firstly, and most importantly do not fill the bag to the brim with sand. Sure, you may instinctively make this mistake. But this is no ordinary bag that you’re using to transport the sand. Instead, you want the bag to be somewhere about half-filled with sand, allowing it to shift inside continually.

And if that seems annoying — remember, that’s the entire point of working out with sandbags. 

Secondly — you absolutely must make sure that you’re using completely dry and clean sand.

We can’t emphasize this enough — simply taking some sand from the wild is not an option; instead, it is if you make sure it doesn’t contain any debris or water. Instead, you probably want to buy some sand from the hardware store. 

Are Sandbag Exercises Good for Beginners?


The versatility of sandbags makes them a great tool for all abilities.
Sandbags are available in a range of weights or can be filled to different weights. Therefore, no matter what your level of strength, there’ll be one for you. If you’re a complete beginner, I would recommend buying one under 15kg (33 lbs).

Beginners should also spend time practicing fundamental movements such as the squat and press.

Once you’ve got used to training with the sandbag, build up to a heavier weight and start performing more complex movements such as the clean and press. 

How Much Weight Should I Use for Sandbag Training?

How much weight you use will depend on the aim of the workout and your current abilities.

As a general rule of thumb, strength training workouts with large amounts of rest will require heavier loads. In contrast, cardio-based workouts with very little rest will need lighter loads.

As your fitness progresses, you can increase the weight over time.

Typically lighter sandbags are <15kg (33 lbs), and heavier sandbags are >30kg (66 lbs).

The most popular weights for sandbags are around 20-25kg (44-55 lbs).

The 20-25kg range provides a good mix of strength and cardio-based exercises. If you’re a recreational athlete looking for one weight, this weight is the best value for money. 

How Often Should You Do Sandbag Workouts?

How long is a piece of string? How many sandbag workouts you perform a week will depend on a load of factors.

It’ll depend on your fitness goals, sport, capabilities, and time. The first thing we need to prioritize is our recovery. It’s essential to take enough rest between sessions to ensure sufficient recovery.

If we don’t recover properly, our progress is stunted, and we put ourselves at a greater risk of injury. Saying that too little activity won’t help us progress.
Once we’ve figured out how long we need to recover, we can determine how many times we can train. Advanced athletes will be able to recover within a day and train up to 6 days per week.

However, beginners will need longer recovery periods, starting with 2-3 days per week. 

Suppose you follow another training style or play a sport. In that case, you should also consider them when determining how many sandbag workouts you should do a week.

If sandbag workouts are your sole source of training, you can afford to do them more often. If you do other workouts outside sandbag workouts, it’s optimal to find a balance between the two. 

What Exercises Can I do with Sandbags?

This is only limited by your imagination but some of our favorites are:
Squat Thruster
Reverse Lunges
Plank Pull Throughs
Clean & press
Single Leg Glute Bridge
High Pulls

See our Ultimate Sandbag Workout You Can Do At Home for more ideas.

Wrapping Up

Sandbags are a versatile bit of kit that is an excellent addition to any home gym.

Because the sand in the bag moves every time the weight is moved, sandbags can be used for pretty much anything. Strength building, fat burning, cardio enhancing, the sandbag can do it all.

As you can see, buying the best sandbag for working out is definitely going to require some forethought.

But if you follow our guide carefully — it should be absolutely no problem!

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