7 Best Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Racks

The Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack is the best on the market today but there are other great options that may better suit your needs or budget.

In this article, we’re going to review some of our favorite wall-mounted racks and discuss what separates the best from the rest.

Best Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Racks

Best Overall Folding Rack: Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

Best Overall
Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

The Rogue RML-3W is, in our opinion, the best wall-mounted squat rack you can buy. The benefits are clear – sturdy, US-made, with the terrific build quality and foldability.


  • Uprights: 3×3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Height: 90″
  • Stringer: Not Included

The Rogue RML-3W is built of 3×3” 11-gauge steel bars. That means you can expect excellent stability, even if you load the rack with a fully loaded barbell. The same goes for doing pullups. Stability is even further enhanced if you opt for Rogue stringers.

The Rogue signature, powder-coated black finish looks incredible. It also makes the rack more durable and resistant to scratches.


This rack has Westside hole spacing in the bench area. That means that holes are placed very near, allowing you to secure the bar in a perfect position. Above and below this area, holes are spread 2” apart, which is also excellent.

There are two depth options, 21.5” and 41.5”. The 21.5” version is a better choice for most home gym enthusiasts, and it has an advantage as it folds flush to the wall.

The 41.5” version offers more space inside the rack, but it takes up more space when folded. 

When opened, the rack “clicks” in place and is safe to use, thanks to Rogue’s unique hinge-and-pin system. Likewise, it is as easy to fold the rack once you finish using it.

The Rogue RML-3W comes with a pair of J-hooks, a built-in pullup bar, and all the necessary hardware needed for rack installation. But, you can opt for some extras too.

Besides choosing the rack depth, Rogue recommends buyers purchase their custom-made stringers. These will further stabilize the rack and make it incredibly easy to fold perfectly. They are intended for wood stud walls.

Other Monster Lite accessories are compatible with RML-3W, such as storage plates, dip bars, and similar. You can also opt for safety bars.

Final Verdict: The Rogue RML-3W is, in our opinion, the best wall-mounted squat rack you can buy. The benefits are clear – sturdy, US-made, with terrific build quality and foldability.

Best Budget Folding Rack: Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack

Most Affordable
Titan Fitness T-3 Series Wall Mounted Folding Rack

The Titan T-3 folding rack is a high-quality but budget-friendly option giving you the functionality of a power rack with a small footprint.


  • Uprights: 2×3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Height: 82″ or 91″
  • Stringer: Not Included

The Titan T-3 folding rack is a budget-friendly version of the RML-3W. It is very similar to the Rogue rack we reviewed, but it costs less. Of course, the build quality is not as good, but that is to be expected.

There are two height options, 82” and 91”, and two depth options, 21.5” and 41.5”.

7 Best Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Racks 1

However, there are no stringers, which is a problem as it impacts stability and strength. These racks are compatible with Rogue attachments, and you can make it work with a Rogue stringer with some slight adjustments. 

The rack comes with a built-in pullup bar, a pair of J-hooks, and a Westside hole placement, which is nice. For the price, it is a good product.

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Honorable Mention: REP PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack

Honorable Mention
Rep Fitness Folding Power Rack

The Rep PR-4100 Folding Power Rack, is a solid rack at a reasonable price. A great addition to any home gym. 


  • Uprights: 3×3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Height: 92″
  • Stringer: Not Included

REP PR-4100 is another wall-mounted folding squat rack that is a bit cheaper than Rogue RML-3W. Like Rogue, it is made of 3×3” 11-gauge steel, which means you can expect excellent stability.

The rack comes in two depth options, just like Rogue and Titan, 21.5” and 41”. The foldable design saves space, and the 21.5” version will only take 6.5” off the wall.

The rack comes with a built-in pullup bar and Westside holes around the bench area, which is great. You can also opt for dip bars, landmine attachments, but there are no stringers, and no safety catches available.

Still, you can fit Rogue Monster Lite attachments, which gives you more options.

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Best Folding Rack with Kipping Bar: PRx Performance Pro Squat Rack

Best with Kipping Bar
PRx Performance Wall Mounted Folding Rack

The PRx folding rack has the added benefit of a kipping bar allowing for kipping movements including bar muscle-ups and toes-to-bar.


  • Uprights: 2×3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Height: 90″ or 96″
  • Stringer: Not Included
  • Weight Limit: 1,000 lbs

PRx has put together a rack with heavy-duty uprights and a sound support system. This product has good stability and folds away conveniently, without too much protrusion from the wall.

It also keeps the distance from the wall short to reduce the folding arms’ leverage and keep it stable. 

The standard rating is a solid 1,000lbs. It also offers all the accessories: safety bars, dip station, and a folding bench are all in the PRx catalog – though they have their own costs.

What is included is a kipping bar. The V3 Kipping Bar design has two pull up bars across uprights at the same height. This allows you do to all kipping movements, toes to bar, and muscle ups with ease while also allowing for traditional pull-ups and neutral grip pull ups.

The weight rating is a little low without the reinforcement kit, and the stringer is a little smaller than others on this list. Otherwise, this is a great all-around choice.

Slimmest Profile Folding Rack: Fringe Sport Retractable Squat Rack

Slimmest Rack
FringeSport Wall Mount Foldable Power Rack

The Fringe rack is a high-quality, durable folding rack the folds away to only 5" from the wall. 


  • Uprights: 2×3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Height: 91″
  • Stringer: Not included
  • Weight Limit: 800 lbs

Fringe sport offers a good economy entry into the folding squat rack list. It comes without a stringer and is recommended to be attached with a standard piece of wood.

The rack itself has good steel, strong attachments, and folds away to almost nothing – the smallest on our list. It’s more economical on both the space and cost compared to other products.

The problems do come from the lack of stringer, where this product’s stability lacks compared to more expensive models.

However, if you’re using a standard-sized garage and want to keep things low-cost, it’s a great choice.

Best Folding Rack with Storage: Torque Wall-Mounted Squat Rack

Best with Storage
Torque Wall-Mounted Folding Rack

The Torque folding rack is a very durable option and best of all, has storage capacity for your plates.  


  • Uprights: 3×3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Height: 90″
  • Stringer: Not Included
  • Weight Limit: 675 lbs

The torque rack is seriously stable. It’s got high-quality, heavy-duty uprights and incredibly solid J-hooks.

But best of all, it comes with strorage bars to hold your plates.

This also includes a top and bottom stringer, providing great strength and durability in the wall attachments. This also helps support sturdier safety pins/spotter arms. It also offers weight pegs built into the wall mounting itself.

A few attachments are available as options – band pegs, rope anchor, and dip station – and they are relatively cheap for these features.

It’s a great all-around product and offers a heavy-duty alternative to some of the smaller options we’ve looked at so far.

Good All Around Folding Rack: BLK BOX Binary FoldAWAY Squat Rack

All-Around Rack
BLK Box Blackout Folding Rack

BLK BOX fitness' folding squat rack offers a compromise between the construction of the standard folding squat rack and the compact build of the of other models.


  • Uprights: 2.3×2.3″ laser cut steel
  • Height: 86″
  • Stringer: Included
  • Weight Limit: 660 lbs

This includes two metal stringers (top and bottom) while also folding inwards like the fringe model to really make the most of the space.

The J-hooks are pretty generic and don’t break any new ground. The actual stability is slightly below that of the Torque folding rack. 

Overall, however, this is a great product that maximizes space with a minimal trade-off to function. It’s also relatively cheap, competing well with others on this list!

Why Buy a Wall-Mounted Rack?

7 Best Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Racks 2

The main benefit of a wall-mounted rack is maximizing stability while minimizing the amount of space required.

The wall-mounting means that you can fold the rack back into an upright position where it takes up very little space – perfect for a small or multi-purpose home gym.

This also expands on the stability and often the weight rating seen in squat stands. The wall-mounting provides stability by expanding the “footprint” into a large square, including the wall itself.

A well-designed folding squat rack will also provide stability with high-quality bracing and supports. These are a big deal for a folding rack’s quality and longevity since they’ll be doing a lot of the “heavy lifting” in stabilizing your uprights.

What to Look for in a Wall-Mounted Folding Rack?

7 Best Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Racks 3

Steel Gauge

Better steel means a better product.

The gauge of steel helps boost the weight rating and contributes to things like stability through added weight and reduced flexibility. This means a better rack in both durability and performance.

Good steel does closely correlate with a folding rack’s price, however, since more material often means a higher cost. You also want to get a coated finish, if possible, to maintain the condition of the steel.

Column Size

Good uprights allow for more j-hook options and accommodate people of greater height. It can be challenging with folding racks since they are designed to minimize space, and some are taller than others.

Column or upright size matters for taller lifters. It also matters if the width between them is too narrow, so make sure to double-check each folding rack’s design to compare the internal space before you. 


The stringer is the wall-mounted bracket that supports the squat rack. It allows it to pivot out and provide much-needed stability. It also ensures that the load is healthily distributed across the wall, preventing the risk of damage to your walls during use.

A stringer is a crucial part of the folding squat rack design. Removing it reduces both the longevity and functional value of the rack. Most folding racks have at least one stringer, sometimes two, and occasionally none.

We recommend getting more – and heavier-duty – stringers where possible. They help maintain the rack’s stability and keep your walls safe – two of the most important considerations for a wall-mounted squat rack.

Distance from the Wall

The distance from the wall when folded and during use both affect your choice.

Make sure to double-check both of these values against the size of your home gym. The last thing you want to do is order a whole rack only to realize it doesn’t fit into the space you’re looking for.

Most of the racks on the market are very small when folded, but their working condition does take up a significant amount of space. If you’re dealing with a very tight space, make sure your rack isn’t folding out beyond what you have to spare.

Pull-Up Bar

Folding racks have a pull-up bar as standard – for pull-ups and to add extra stability to their frame for squatting. 

Pull-up bars are a good addition, and a product with a high-quality build with appropriate knurling is a good choice. This isn’t going to make or break a product for most people. Still, it’s an excellent bonus to get if you’re looking to develop upper and lower body strength with your rack.

J Hooks

Better J-hooks make for better durability and function.

J-hooks that are rubberized and rounded are superior to those with a flat or unprotected surface. These can cause friction on the bar, which damages it and is less stable, and introduces more instability to lifting.

Better j-hooks tend to be a luxury purchase. But they can be bought aftermarket, so it could always be a secondary purchase if you’re on a tight budget right now.

Other Accessories 

Folding squat racks are more like squat stands – they’re designed to be used in the same ways. Often, that involves using a platform for squatting.

However, some folding squat racks do offer a range of accessories. The nature of the build limits them slightly compared to a power rack or half-rack

Spotter arms or safeties are not usually standard but can often be attached to the folding rack. They are less effective due to the leverage they put on the wall itself, so you need to be careful on the length of your safety arms.

Dip stations also have this problem, and plate storage is usually not recommended due to the lighter construction of a folding rack. 

Folding benches can be a great choice, but this depends on the model and brand since they’re quite niche accessories.

For a complete list, check out our guide to the best power rack attachments and accessories.

How to Choose the Best Wall-Mounted Folding Rack

7 Best Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Racks 4

How Much and What Space Do You Have?

This is the central question when it comes to folding racks. You need to ensure you have the appropriate space to unfold your rack – this will determine your options. The products on this list are all great space-savers. 

You need to take measurements of the size of your space and then the internal space you get from a rack, as well as the overhead clearance you can afford. Bigger racks are – generally – better, but they come at a price and eat up more space.

How Strong are Your Walls?

Heavier racks and longer levers require stronger walls – as they place more stress on them.

Weaker walls – especially drywall with softwoods underneath – will limit how much load you can put on the rack. Safety pins/spotter arms are also a concern here, as they place the load far away from the wall.

Stronger walls mean more choice when it comes to the rack you’re using. Make sure you check in on the specifics of your building online to make sure your walls can handle the required fixtures.

What is Your Budget?

Budget always mattered – it’s your hard-earned money, and you want to get the most for it.

These squat racks are all more expensive than their free-standing counterparts because they have more moving parts and require more effort to produce and build in your home. The complexity comes with a cost.

Cheaper products on this list offer a leaner approach to function, like the Fringe rack. At the same time, the more comprehensive offerings cost more. It’s an important piece of equipment to spend money on – and it’s better to invest for the long-term if you have the budget. Better quality matters: you could be squatting with this rack for decades.

What Accessories Do You Need?

This another personal one to consider: what do you need from your squat rack other than squatting?

Some racks on this list offer a range of attachments and options, while others are more simple offerings. We’re all at different places on this spectrum. For example, the costs and benefits of a dip station depend on what you want from your investment!

How Heavy Do You Lift?

This is simple: heavier lifting requires a better weight rating from the rack.

Some racks aren’t prepared for lifting over 600lbs, which can be a real limitation. It’s not only that this is the weight it tops out at, but also the extra “headroom” it has for dealing with momentum and other forces – such as when dropping a barbell.

You don’t ever want to miss a lift – obviously – but better weight ratings save you the worry. 

Wall-Mounted Folding Rack FAQs

How much weight can a wall-mounted rack hold?

That depends on the rack. Most squat racks are rated for 500-1,000lbs, offering a good amount of weight safety.

You’ll often find that racks may be able to carry more than this, but the rating tells you how much you should use.

If you’re squatting over 1,000lbs, you probably don’t need our opinion on a rack!

Look for the weight rating of an individual folding rack when you’re buying – and don’t be afraid to contact customer services to check.

This is a significant purchase, and you don’t want to buy a rack that won’t support your growth over the next few years, at least.

Wall-Mounted Rack Vs. Portable Squat Stand?

Wall-mounted racks are great because they’re stored away easily.

The wall mounting also provides the additional stability that squat stands simply can’t. For that reason, a wall-mounted rack is a good choice if you know you’re staying in the same home for longer. 

Portable squat stands don’t require attachment to drywall, so they’re going to be easier to move around. They lack some of the stability of a wall-mounted rack, and they’re also harder to store effectively.

The choice comes down to what your home gym space is like, how long you plan on living in the same house, and just how much stability you need.


A wall-mounted rack comes to deal with many of the problems that home gyms encounter: a limitation to space.

Folding wall-mounted squat racks come at a premium, but they solve this age-old problem. We’ve highlighted a range of racks by price and weight-rating alike and outlined some of the most important things you should keep in mind when shopping for a wall-mounted squat rack!

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