6 Best Rogue Kettlebells for Home Workouts

6 Best Rogue Kettlebells for Home Workouts 1

This article will tell you which Rogue kettlebell to buy.

We will review and compare six of their best kettlebells, giving you pros and cons for each.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will know which Rogue kettlebell is right for you, depending on your needs, budget, and fitness goals.

Let’s go!

6 Best Rogue Kettlebells

1. Rogue Original Kettlebell

rogue kettlebell


  • Made in the USA:  No
  • Material: Iron Ore
  • Weight Range: 9-203 lbs
  • Color-Coded: Yes

This kettlebell made Rogue kettlebells famous, and it still is a terrific product you can’t go wrong with.

First, this is a single-piece cast kettlebell. This is very important as it makes sure the kettlebell remains balanced throughout the whole movement.

Considering that kettlebells are used primarily for movements like snatch and swing, the weight must stay balanced no matter the angle, so single-piece casting is crucial. Single-piece casting also improves kettlebell longevity.

It’s also essential that the material is not scrap but first-run iron ore, and you can expect better durability. Also, there is no plastic, and Rogue kettlebells won’t break easily. Powder coat finish not only looks great but is more grippy, as it holds chalk.

This kettlebell has a flat base, which improves stability when on the floor. That means it won’t wobble, which improves safety. You can choose any size starting from 9LB and up, all color-coded. 

But, it is worth mentioning that you can also opt for Monster Size Kettlebells, which are from 97LB to 203LB, which means even the strongest competitors will find a match for themselves.


  • Single-piece casting, first iron ore
  • 9-203LB, color-coded, Monster size available
  • Flat base, excellent stability


  • Basic model
  • Not made in the USA

Best for: Athletes on a budget or heavy lifters (Monster size)

2. Rogue E-Coat Kettlebell

rogue e-coat kettlebell


  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Weight Range: 9-88 lbs
  • Color-Coded: No

Rogue Kettlebell E-Coat is a part of their series of American-made kettlebells. This model is made in the Cadillac Casting Inc. factory in northern Michigan. US-made means better quality.

You can expect these ductile single-piece cast iron beasts to last you basically forever.

What also makes them stand out is the black E-Coat finish. It does not only look awesome and has excellent texture; the E-Coat finish also improves durability. The E-Coat finish is well-known for its toughness and is combined with ductile iron. You can expect excellent corrosion-resistance. 

As for the weight, these kettlebells start from 9LB and go all the way up to 88LB. But, Monster Size is not available. Also, it is worth noting that all kettlebells are entirely black, so no color-coding. Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells have a flat bottom which improves stability and makes storage easy.


  • US-made guarantees quality
  • Ductile single piece cast iron ensures durability
  • E-Coat finish looks great and improves toughness, and looks great 


  • No Monster size
  • No color-coding

Best for: Those looking for a durable, medium-sized, quality kettlebell

3. Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell

rogue rubber coated kettlebell


  • Made in the USA: No
  • Material: Iron Ore w/ Protective Rubber Coating
  • Weight Range: 26-70 lbs
  • Color-Coded: Yes

Rogue rubber-coated kettlebells are essentially the famous Rogue Original Kettlebells we previously reviewed, but with a rubber coating.

That means you can expect the same level of build quality – first-run iron ore and single-piece casting – and the same material durability. 

But, the significant improvement here is the rubber coating.

This not only improves durability by preventing chips and scratches on the kettlebell surface and by absorbing impact if you drop it but saves your floor too. And, if accidents happen, and you happen to drop the kettlebell on your foot or hit your shin with it – it will hurt far less too.

Just like the Rogue Original Kettlebell, rubber-coated kettlebells have color-coded handles, which will make it easy to distinguish between different weights. There are only five sizes, 26-70LB, which is quite limiting compared to other models.


  • Rubber-coated for better durability
  • Excellent quality material
  • Color-coded


  • Only five sizes
  • Not made in the USA

Best for: Those who don’t mind spending extra to get a more durable product.

4. Rogue Competition Kettlebell

rogue competition kettlebell


  • Made in the USA: No
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Weight Range: 8-48 kg
  • Color-Coded: Yes

What makes any competition kettlebell unique is the fact that the size is the same, no matter the weight – 5.5″ base, 11.1″ height, and 33MM wide handle.

This is extremely important for kettlebell athletes and CrossFitters. It allows them to perfect form, no matter the weight, making the transition much smoother.

Also, competition kettlebells are measured more precisely, as they have stricter standards to meet, with a +-1% weight tolerance.

Like other Rogue kettlebells, these are also single-piece cast with a flat machined bottom for easier storage and less wobbling. The weight ranges from 8KG to 48KG, which is standard for competition kettlebells.

The black powder coat finish on Rogue Competition Kettlebells is outstanding, with smooth surfaces and contoured flats allowing maximal comfort during lifts.

Also, because all competition kettlebells have the same size, color-coding is very important, so you know which kettlebell to choose. 


  • Competition kettlebell – the same size for all weights
  • Great quality material and excellent finish
  • Color-coded


  • Not US-made
  • Expensive

Best for: CrossFit and kettlebell athletes

5. Rogue Thompson Fatbell

rogue fatbell


  • Made in the USA: No
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Weight Range: 9-150 lbs
  • Color-Coded: Yes

One look at Rogue Thompson Fatbells will immediately tell you they are something else.

This unique design places the handle inside the kettlebell. The result is center mass design, making the kettlebell much more dumbbell-like, giving you the best of both worlds.

One of the people behind the original concept was a famous powerlifter, Donnie Thompson, hence the name.

This design will balance out the kettlebell completely and also minimize the injury risks common kettlebells carry. The design also saves joints and soft tissue, evening out load distribution.

Fatbells are made of cast-iron, ensuring maximal strength and durability. The black powder coat finish looks excellent and also makes the bell scratch-resistant. There are many available weights, ranging from 9 lbs up to 150LB.


  • Unique design – kettlebell/dumbbell hybrid
  • Wide weight range – 9-150LB
  • Good build quality


  • The design can be limiting on certain kettlebell movements such as snatches and get-ups
  • Not US-made

Best for: Lifters looking for a kettlebell/dumbbell hybrid

6. Rogue Powder Coat Kettlebell

rogue powder coat kettlebell


  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Material: Iron
  • Weight Range: 13- 88 lbs
  • Color-Coded: No

Last on our list is the Powder Coat Rogue kettlebell. These kettlebells are fine-made, as they are a part of Rogue’s US-manufactured collection, ensuring superb quality.

The material of choice is Class 30 Grey Iron for kettlebells up to 44LB, while heavier models are made of ductile iron. Lighter ones are made by OSCO industries, while the heavier kettlebells come from Cadillac Casting, Michigan.

Kettlebell weights vary from 13-88LB.

The full powder coat finish, which is the key characteristic of these kettlebells, is done by two American companies, Greenfield products, and CRM.

Powder coating improves texture and grip, makes the kettlebell scratch and chip-resistant, and protects the kettlebell from corrosion. It also looks fantastic, matte black, with low gloss. But, no color-coding.


  • US-made 
  • Good selection – 13-88LB
  • Powder coat finish for better look and protection


  • No color coding
  • Lighter and heavier kettlebells aren’t made of the same material

Best for: People who want an improved, versatile kettlebell.

Why We Recommend Rogue Fitness Kettlebells

When choosing quality fitness equipment, you will never get it wrong if you opt for Rogue Fitness. They are certainly not the cheapest, but anything Rogue produces is top of the line and will last you a long time.

Rogue Fitness prides itself to be a local, Columbus, Ohio, run business. They always look to source locally, and quality is their #1 priority. 

Rogue kettlebells are no exception. They are certainly one of the best, if not the best kettlebell manufacturer out there, loved in the CrossFit community. But, they have so many different models, and it can be quite hard to decide which one is right for you, which is why we made the list above. 

However, if you decide to choose any Rogue kettlebell (or any other piece of fitness equipment they make), be sure you have made the right choice; there’s no mistake about it.

Rogue Kettlebell FAQs


What is the Difference Between Standard and Competition Kettlebells?

Generally, there are two main distinctions — the standard or “Russian” kettlebells are manufactured with cast iron and “Competition” kettlebells made from steel.

There are a couple of differences between these two types.

However, the main one would be that Russian kettlebells become bigger as you progress towards higher weights. Conversely, competition kettlebells will always be the exact same size; however, they are color-coded so that you can know which one weighs more. 

The main thing that cast iron kettlebells have going for them is that they cost quite a lot less; on the other hand, competition kettlebells have a more consistent size.

With the latter, you get the chance to focus less on technique and more on your own strength because the movements that you make stay constant instead of forcing you to accommodate a wide range of sizes. 

Furthermore, as competition kettlebells are made from steel they are slightly more durable. However, the difference is not significant.

Finally, for those short on space or looking for a portable option we recommend considering an adjustable kettlebell.

Check out our How to Choose the Right Kettlebell Guide for more tips.

What Rogue Kettlebell Weight Should I Buy?

To answer this question, you need to assess your fitness level.

Everyone is different, but the general recommendations are as follows:

Fitness LevelMenWomen
Beginner12kg / 26 lbs8kg / 18 lbs
Intermediate16kg / 35 lbs12kg / 26 lbs
Advanced20kg / 44 lbs or higher16kg / 35 lbs or higher

Typically, for most beginners, a range of 12-16kg for men and 8-12kg for women is recommended. Bear in mind that you will progress quite quickly so if possible go for the heaviest weight you can use safely.

If you’re more advanced, go for 16kg and 20kg (or higher) for women and men respectively.

Are Rogue Kettlebells Good for Weight Loss or Building Strength?

Yes to both.

Kettlebell exercises are really effective for weight loss because they don’t isolate individual muscle groups. You’re getting more bang for your buck with full-body exercises. 

And, yes, to build strength, you need to train with resistance. Since kettlebells are weighted, they’re an excellent piece of equipment to have in your training arsenal.

Check out our guide to the 7 Best Full-Body Kettlebell Exercises for more information.


As you could see, the six Rogue kettlebells we presented are all unique in their own way.

Deciding which Rogue kettlebells to buy will ultimately come to your budget and personal preference.

But, we repeat – choosing Rogue in the first place is the right choice, and whichever kettlebell model you decide to pick from the list will serve you for years to come, be sure about that.

We hope that our article helped you make the decision. Be sure to check out our site, as we post useful articles like this one regularly. We review and compare top fitness equipment so you always know where to invest your hard-earned money.

Thanks for reading!

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