5 Best Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Gym

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5 Best Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Gym 2
5 Best Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Gym 3
5 Best Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Gym 4
5 Best Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Gym 5

Type: Doorway
Capacity: 300 lbs.

Type: Doorway
Capacity: 440 lbs.

Type: Doorway
Capacity: 400 lbs.

Type: Wall
Capacity: 350 lbs.

Type: Wall
Capacity: 440 lbs.

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises you can perform.

Incorporating pull-ups into your workouts will strengthen and tone your back, arm, and shoulder muscles, as well as improve your overall fitness level.

One of the best things about pull-ups is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. Making them ideal for home workouts.

Basically, you have two options in terms of choosing a pull-up bar – doorway or standalone. If you’re confused between the two and not sure which one to go for, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best doorway and standalone pull-up bars that will assist you in choosing the right fitness equipment for yourself and be enough to help you work up to your goals.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right to it!

Best Overall Pull-Up Bar: Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull-Up

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width Review

Featured Specs

  • Size: 24” – 36” wide with molding up to 3.5” wide
  • Mount Type: Doorway Pull-Up
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds


The Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull-Up Bar is the best pull-up bar for the doorway on the market.

Unlike most bars that come with a straight end, the doorway pull-bar is angled to offer better lift and stabilization. The ergonomic shape supports wide grip positions including dips and chin ups. The robust construction can support up to 300 pounds and fit nicely into all residential doorways with free space of 24” – 36” wide.

Another great benefit of the Ultimate Body Press XL is its quick and easy assembly. Following the instruction manual that comes with the tool, you can easily fix the doorway bar in the required position. The best part is that the elevated pull-up bar requires no power tool such as a measuring tool or level, etc.  

With the Ultimate Body press XL, you can perform a variety of upper body exercises. The tool comprises six grip positions to choose from including the super effective supinated and pronated pull-ups. These positions help you perform a range of motions with increased stability and change.  


The elevated pull-up bar is slightly more expensive than conventional pull-up bars. But again, the pull-bar is different from the rest, given its impressive shape and design. Remember that the doorway bar may not suit an average, economical buyer, looking to make an affordable purchase within a set budget.

While we love the pull-up bar for being so versatile, it would have been better if it came with patented doorway protection; as you may get it with other pull-up bars on the market. The protective pads are useful in the sense that they help shield the doorframe from common wear and tear.

Extra Features

The Ultimate Body Press XL is 100% safe and sturdy. Owing to its clever curved handle, there’s little chance of you hitting your head on the ceiling. The foam padding over pull-up handles offers maximum comfort and support. It lasts a long time and absorbs hand sweat, too, making your palms less slippery over the bar.

This, in turn, improves your stability and position. The pads are easy to remove, so they hardly take seconds to be removed and placed on the floor, where you can use them for crunches and more.

The well-constructed pull-up is especially manufactured in the USA. It’s produced in an esteemed North Carolina company that is committed to producing excellent quality workout items every day. This elevates the durability and reliability of the tool. It’s strong and long-lasting and is backed by Ultimate Body Press against the creator’s defects for about 10 years.

The pull-up bar comes with optional accessories such as ab straps and gymnastic rings. The ab straps strengthen the stomach muscles and core resistance. On the other hand, gymnastic rings work your triceps and forearm muscles.

Buying Advice

The Ultimate Body Press is an ideal choice for highly metabolic full-body workouts.  The optional accessories such as ab straps and gymnastic rings work different body muscles, making your fitness regimen complete and wholesome.

If you’re looking for a highly intensive and quality doorway pull-up bar and have zero budget constraints, you will be thrilled to have the Ultimate Body Press. It truly lives up to its name and brand!

Best Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar: Iron Age Pull-Up Bar Doorway with Smart Hook

Iron Age Pull-Up Bar Doorway with Smart Hook Technology Review

Featured Specs

  • Size: 27.56” – 36.22” with depth of 8.27”
  • Mount Type: Doorway Pull-Up
  • Weight Capacity: 440 pounds


The Iron Age Pull-Up Bar Doorway is manufactured from the revolutionary invention of smart hook – thanks to the innovative Smart Hook Technology. The genius design of the revolutionary hook aids you in push-ups and other forms of exercise.

The smart hook requires zero assembly. Simply peg the hook on the doorframe and you’re good to go. But before that, make sure you have placed two plastic sleeves to protect the door. Owing to the foldable design, it’s packable and stored easily.  

The pull-up bar doorway offers flexible uses including rigorous push-ups and sit-ups. The upper handle bar is about 6 inches higher than most conventional pull-up bars. This gives a great advantage to tall people. They won’t have to flex their knees to get into a proper shape.

The pull-up bar has a fit range that is perfect for most traditional and modern doorframes. It ranges between 7.56” (excluding the door’s thickness) to 36” (including the door’s thickness) which is flexible for most users. As compared to other training equipment, this one is relatively cheap. At Amazon, the iron age pull-up bar is available at an affordable price range – for up to $50.99 dollars.


While the pull-up bar allows you to perform a range of motions, there are specific movements that you can’t perform such as explosive and muscle up movements. It’s simply impossible to try out a muscle up in your door frame since there’s so little space to freely do the movement. When it comes to performing explosive exercises, it is risky and dangerous to perform them in a limited space.

Tall people will find themselves restricted to investing in the second type of the iron age pull-up bar which is costlier than its standard size. Available in a red shade, the pull-up bar is about $17 – $18 dollars more than the normal-sized iron age. If you end up buying the wrong sized doorway bar, your legs will touch the floor every time you perform any exercise – and this can be a sheer nuisance!

Extra Features

The construction of the pull-up bar is phenomenal. It’s highly durable and long-lasting. Even if you use it regularly, it can stay in top condition for as long as 6 – 8 years or more. It highly depends on how you look after the bar. Keeping it in good condition – cleaning it regularly, not misusing/overusing it, or not letting it get rusty or dusty, etc. – will help elevate the lifespan of the doorway bar.

The pull-up bar sports 100% doorframe protection. Unlike most pull-up bars that eventually damage the door, the iron age bar keeps the doorframe fully intact (even in extreme pressures and stresses) – thanks to its state-of-the-art construct.  

The bar also features secure grip brackets with top-quality pads. These soft foam handles are pleasant to touch and prevent damage to the sides of the door. The pad’s firm grip offers optimum safety as well as stability during intensive workouts.

The high-strength tubes are another impressive feature of the doorway pull-up bar. The tubes are completely made from sturdy carbon and can bear up to a whopping 440lbs!    

Buying Advice

The sleek and sturdy iron-age bar is a modern invention, featuring exceptional smart hook technology. This is the form of technology that is exclusive to iron age pull-up bars.

It protects the doorframe from unrepairable damages and allows you to perform vigorous exercises with supreme ease and comfort. It’s a complete package indeed.

Available at a competitive price range and offering special features, which are rarely found in traditional pull-up bars, the Iron Age Pull-Up Bar with Smart Hook is the best doorframe pull-up bar for any fitness enthusiast.

Best Pull-Up Bar with Angled Grip: Iron Age Pull-Up Bar for Doorway – Angled Grip

Pull-Up Bar for Doorway Review

Featured Specs

  • Size: 22.83” – 36.22” with depth of 8.27”
  • Mount Type: Doorway Pull-Up Bar
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


The Iron Age Pull-Up Bar – Angled Grip is more versatile than its alternatives. It comes with an evident ergonomic angled end that assists you in arduous exercises. The curved design also helps protect your wrists against strain or injury. Simply, the iron age offers optimum comfort – which is one of the most significant considerations when it comes to choosing the best workout equipment.

The installation of the bar is quite seamless. Compared to old pull-up bars, this one can assemble without screws. The inclusion of a patented wall provides great support and safety. And on top of that, the raised bar makes things all the more convenient. The high raised bar also works great for tall people than a low raised bar. The pull-up is ideal for both short and tall workout freaks.

The sturdy bars are very similar to gym rods which can be attached to various weight machines. Another great feature that encourages people to invest in the iron age bar is the additional suspension straps. This add-on can be used for a wide variety of exercises that you can perform with the help of the pull-up bar. So, the versatility offered by this pull-bar is remarkable!


The Iron Age is ideal in many ways. But when it comes to its price, it may not be affordable for everybody. Considering the number of features the bar has, it’s no surprise that the workout tool is pricier than most standard workout equipment available today.

Another issue with the pull-up bar is that it doesn’t fit all doorframes. Even though it’s manufactured to be versatile, the frame can prove to be too wider or too narrower for the doorframe. Before investing in this one, you will have to measure up your doorframe and tally it up with the bar’s overall size to see if it’s befitting for you.

Extra Features

The dynamic pull-up bar leaves zero signs of damage – thanks to its fully padded rods. The bars are also quick to assemble. They set up firmly on your doorframe and cause no wear and tear whatsoever. What’s more is that, dissembling is just as easy and quick as assembling. The bars are portable and lightweight. They are also quite flexible, allowing you to easily fold the equipment and store it away.

When you use a bar with only one rod, you feel restricted as you can’t perform a variety of exercises. However, this is not the case with the iron age bar because it is divided into many small parts, giving you a chance to perform a range of movements without any limitation.

When it comes to the hooks, they are solid and on-point. Made from the highest-quality material, the hooks are highly durable and long-lasting. Even if you use the bar for a full-body workout (using suspension straps), the hooks won’t tire out!

Buying Advice

The sleek and sturdy Iron Age Pull-Up Bar – Angled Grip is a modern invention, featuring exceptional smart hook technology. This is the form of technology that is exclusive to iron age pull-up bars. It protects the doorframe from unrepairable damages and allows you to perform vigorous exercises with supreme ease and comfort. It’s a complete package indeed.

Best Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar: Joist Mount Pull-Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar & Product Bundles by Ultimate Body Press Review

Featured Specs

  • Size: 42” wide bar, 21” parallel grip spacing, and 14” tall risers
  • Mount Type: Wall-mounted pull-up bar
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds


The Joist Mount Pull-Up Bar is the best wall-mounted pull-up bars for a reason – or should we say – reasons!  The pull-up bar boasts top high-quality construction. It is designed from thick wall metals and bolted to suit the construction of the house.

The overhead mounting offers placement flexibility and maximizes flooring space in your house. Using add-ons, such as suspension straps, you can engage in elaborate workouts. The top-class foam pads over metal grips supplies comfort along with convenience to enforce your maximum stamina over a long time.

The pull-up bar focuses on four specific grip positions (parallel, standard, wide, and narrow) for improved targeting toward your distinct muscle groups and variations. It easily mounts on any exposed beams in your house and helps you develop arms, shoulders, and back strength in no time. The Joint Mount Bar is built heavily to reinforce your intense workouts.

The strong-built is also a testament to the fact that the construct is durable and won’t succumb to the intense pressure during concentrated workout sessions.


Unlike doorway pull-up bars, the Joist Mount Pull-Up Bar isn’t portable. It is not meant to be taken down once the workout is finished. Once it’s installed in a specific position, it remains that way. You can uninstall it but it will be strenuous and time-consuming.

If you work out in your garage or basement, you won’t have any place to put a doorway pull-up bar. Because of this, you can’t work out anywhere you like. Your workout environment will highly depend on the suitable placement of your pull-up bar.

Another obvious disadvantage of the doorway pull-up is that it requires drilling into the joist. If you’re no expert, you will need to hire a professional for the job. This may take additional time and money, so keep in mind of overheat costs when investing in this one.  

Extra Features

The wall-mounted pull-up bar is extremely strong and sturdy. It can easily lift your body weight with the help of your arms and pump strength and vigor into your muscles. With this one, you can rapidly increase your muscle size.

Thanks to its three well-padded and non-slip grips, you can perform elaborate exercises for a long time. Even if your palms or arms get sweaty, it won’t affect your performance. The soft pads work well against the body moisture, supplying your hands with a tight grip.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for workout equipment that can assist you to perform both upper and lower body exercises, the Joist Mount Pull-Up Bar is a great choice. Just make sure your workout place features an appropriate overhead joist where you can permanently install the pull-up bar.

While the installation may take up your time, it will be worth it nonetheless. That’s because you can’t develop an impressive body by simply exercising once a week. You will need to work out daily by using the wall-mounting pull-up bar. 

Best Multi-Functional Pull-Up Bar: ANTOPY Pull-Up Bar Wall Mounted Chin Up Dip Bar

ANTOPY Pull-Up Bar Wall Mounted Review

Featured Specs

  • Size: 17” pull-up bars, 38.6” wide grip, 29.5” dip bars, and 20.5” between dips
  • Mount Type: wall-mounted pull-up bar
  • Weight Capacity: 440 pounds


The best thing about the ANTOPY Pull-Up Bar is that it allows you to make good use of your wall space while leaving enough room on the floor. This type of placement works best if you have a small house or room with limited space.

The wall-mounting pull-up bar is more than just a simple pull-up bar. The fitness tool doubles up in size, allowing you a full upper-body workout without any additional tools. The versatility of the pull-up bar is phenomenal as it can be used for more than one purpose.

For rigorous workouts, you can mount a punching bag over it or use it as an anchor for your resistance band. This allows you to try several exercises and improve various aspects of your body every day.

The product can easily be mounted on the wall, but here’s the catch, you can’t install it on all kinds of walls. The pull-up bar can only be installed on solid cement walls, red brick walls, or tile walls. If you have a hollow or honeycomb brick wall, it’s better to avoid installing the multifunctional home gym equipment; as it won’t fix properly and may cause unforeseen damages to your house wall.

The ANTOPY pull-up equipment is made from a solid steel pipe. It’s supremely sturdy and can take a maximum weight of up to 440lbs. This allows you to add maximum weight to your workouts without worrying about the whole thing falling apart. It also has excellent quality pads that help increase the comfort level.


The installation process is in itself time-consuming. You may need a professional to install the fitness tool in your house. If you’re installing by yourself, you will have to be extremely careful. Go through the instruction manual carefully. Do not tighten all screws all at the same time, tighten them only after the completion of the installation.

Extra Features

The ANTOPY pull-up bar is a multi-functional gym tool that allows you to perform a plethora of upper body and lower body exercises including push-ups, dips, chin-ups, sit-ups, leg or knee raises and more. You can mount the pull-up bar on any secure wall of your house and enjoy your favorite workout routines every day.

It’s perfect for working your chest, arms, shoulders, backs, lats, biceps, triceps, and others. The soft cushiony pads offer optimum armrest and support when working out your abdomen, chest, waist, or others.

The fitness tool additionally comes with training accessories such as attachable punch bags, power ropes, yoga straps, and TRX straps. Having so many accessories gives you endless possibilities to try different exercises every day. This makes the workout regimen fun and interesting.

Buying Advice

The wall-mounted pull-up bar is solid and dynamic. It is made from excellent quality material that can bear extreme weight and stress. With this one, you can perform multiple exercises other than just pull-ups.

The ANTOPY is a great value for money. It’s valuable, reliable, and can last for many years. Unlike doorway pull-up bars, the best-at-home pull-up bar demands only one-time installation! If you want to see all the qualities in your next pull-up bar machine, look no further than this best home pull-up bar.

Pull-Up Bar FAQs

How to Mount Pull-Up Bars on Doors or Walls?

Looking for a way to install pull-up bars in your house? Here’s a step-by-step guide to mounting a pull-up bar on doors or walls:

1. Choose the Position

The first and foremost step is to decide the place where you want to mount your pull-up bar. There are a bunch of locations where you can install the pull-up bar such as on the ceiling, wall, doorway, and the likes. Be careful which one you go for because each type of installation requires a unique set of brackets and hardware.

2. Hang or Drill

If you are planning to install a wall-mounted pull-up bar, you will need to drill specific holes in the wall. First, you need to measure the distance required to mount the bar. Use a pencil to mark drilling points to fix the bracket. Make sure to mount the brackets in the metal or wood to ensure they can carry your weight when exercising.

When mounting a pull-up bar on the door, choose the direction you want to face while using the bar. Ideally, if the doorway has a door, hang the bar on the opposite side from where the door is, so that you can exercise without any hindrance.

3. Fasten It

Once you have drilled holes in the wall, fasten the bar with tightening bolts. Do it with driver drill. Most doorway bars come with temporary attachments. Depending on your pull-up bar type, attach it to the wall or door. Before using the pull-up bar, give it a real tug to see it’s fixed tightly.

Wall Mount VS Door Mount

Wall-mounted and door-mounted bars are the two popular kinds of pull-up tools. To fully understand the similarities and differences between them and see which of them is better, let’s look at their advantages and disadvantages separately:

Advantages of Wall Mount

  • Offers the highest level of stability
  • Ideal for intensive exercises
  • Can be mounted as high as possible
  • Super safe and secure
  • Doesn’t need to be attached every time you want to exercise
  • Allows you to engage in both lower body and upper body exercises
  • Designed from excellent quality material
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Perfect for all sorts of athletes (beginners, intermediate, advanced)

Disadvantages of Wall Mount

  • Complex mounting (often involves professional’s help)
  • Installation process is time-consuming and involves drilling as well
  • Not ideal for all kinds of walls
  • Tend to be more expensive than doorway pull-up bars
  • Non-detachable
  • Can’t be carried around

Advantages of Door Mount

  • Detachable
  • Foldable
  • Easy to store
  • Highly portable
  • Super easy and quick to install 
  • Strong and durable
  • Quite affordable
  • Can be mounted without drilling/screwing
  • Ideal for beginners

Disadvantages of Door Mount

  • Not as stable as a wall mount pull-up
  • Offers limited height (not apt for tall people)
  • Not always best for heavy workouts
  • Can damage the doorframe
  • Limited grip options
  • Not the best choice for professional athletes

Are Door Pull-Up Bars Safe?

Door pull-up bars are safe to a great extent. They are usually used for occasional workouts and lightweight exercises. However, they are not quite stable always. Cheap, low-quality door pull-up bars may prove to be unreliable.

If you use them for intensive exercises and mount them on weak doorframes, they may give in easily.

Do Pull-Up Bars Damage Doors?

If you fix your pull-up bar directly at the door, then obviously it will damage the door. As long as you’re careful about the placement of the pull-up bar and strategically mount it in a way that it doesn’t make direct contact with your actual door, but with the doorframe, the pull-up bar won’t cause any trouble.

How Many Pull-Ups a Day Is Too Much?

This depends on your strength and endurance. A professional athlete can do as many as a thousand pull-ups. But it is not optimal to try pull-ups at exceptionally high levels.


That’s a wrap on the best at-home pull-up bars to invest in!

Both wall-mounted and door-mounted pull-up bars are great options for fitness freaks and have particular advantages and disadvantages. Check this article to learn what’s the best pull-up bar for your workout regimen.