Is Titan Fitness Legit?

Titan Fitness is a budget home gym equipment brand with an ‘up and down’ past – dealing with issues with quality assurance and fabrication quality.

Have they turned their ship around, or is this still the state of the brand?

Today, we’re asking, “is Titan Fitness legit?”, and looking at some of the most important information you need to know before buying your strength training equipment from Titan Fitness.

Brand background

Titan Fitness is a home gym equipment brand based out of Memphis, Tennessee. The focus of Titan’s equipment is mid-range home gym items, typically shipped in from abroad, and then assembled, checked, and/or shipped from their warehouses.

They have had a shaky history, as a lower-cost brand using imported steel for many of their items. This has led to some quality assurance issues in the past, and a reputation that is only starting to come back to positive.

This is why it’s been so important to ask, ‘is Titan Fitness legit?’, and see how their quality and design mentality has changed. We can positively say things are improving – and have improved – but it’s still a tough market out there and we want to see how Titan stacks up against the myriad competitors for mid-level kit at a good price…


The quality of Titan’s products is closer to the price point than some competitors – like Rep Fitness – but still offers good quality. The gross quality is a lot lower than some options, but the value for money is still good, as you’re typically getting price drops of 20% or more.

Titan Fitness is a budget brand compared to some of the other names on the market, and it’s important to keep that in mind. In that category, their quality is good, and it’s only been improving over the past 5 years or so.

This is the key takeaway: Titan Fitness today is not the brand it was half a decade ago. Problems highlighted by people like Alan Thrall in the mid-2010s have been mostly-addressed, though individual cases of poor QA are still, of course, possible.

Titan’s fabrication can be a little hit-and-miss on their larger pieces, but the quality of smaller and simpler items remains good for the market and the price point. This is where we’d put our focus: items with good warranties and strong basics, and ideally fewer large pieces or those with complex moving parts.

Price level

Titan Fitness makes affordable home gym equipment, first and foremost. The cost of these items is significantly lower than the market ‘middle’. You’re likely to save 10-25% on an order with Titan fitness as compared to a brand like Rogue, for example.

Titan’s cheapest power cages, for example, come in at around 300 to 400 dollars, while their hybrid barbells cost around $150-200. This means you can get a full setup – rack, bar, and plates – for under $1000 with Titan Fitness.

Compare that to Rogue (the market’s upper-mid supplier), and you’re likely to save around $500 for comparable items. The obvious point is that the quality and feature set is likely to be reduced, but Titan helps 1,000s of Americans set up home gyms at a significantly lower cost.

This price level is still above international ‘white label’ items – because they’re far lower quality – and it should be remembered that this is an entry-level choice, but a good one. For Titan’s QA fumbles in the past, the actual quality of equipment compared to cheaper items is great and is definitely comparable to mid-level entries in quality.


Titan Fitness offers completely free shipping to the mainland United States, meaning Americans in 48 states can get their home gym equipment without additional costs. This lets Titan offer some of the best value on the market for people living in hard-to-reach spots, or for buying heavier items.

This is obviously rolled into the cost of all items on the site, but they’re still vey affordable. This can take the sting out of a purchase that – with Rogue or Rep Fitness – might otherwise cost $100-200 for shipping alone.


Titan includes workmanship and manufacture guarantee that your items will turn up in good condition, and suitable for use. This is standard, but always provides peace of mind that – if things aren’t up to standard – you can get them replaced.

The average all-purpose warranty for Titan products is 1 year, which is good for some items and underwhelming for others.

Meanwhile, most products retain a 1-year warranty for fixtures and features you may reasonably expect to undergo wear and tear. This includes things like stitching and upholstery, which you can’t expect to retain their original condition after extended use.

On the other hand, this is a relatively short warranty period for items like squat racks and barbells, which other manufacturers rate for years, or a lifetime, beyond Titan’s policy. This is reflected in the price, however, and it’s worth keeping in mind when you’re buying your ‘big’ items.

Customer service

Titan maintains an 88% ‘excellent’ customer service rating on Trustpilot as of this review. 8% of reviews are 1-star, and 4% are between these two extremes.

This indicates that – on the whole – Titan’s performance for their customers is good. Some fringe cases are a concern, especially regarding the 30-day cancellation and refund period, so we recommend double-checking your items if they’re purchased as gifts or similar.

Best Titan Fitness Equipment

Titan Cerakote Olympic Barbell

Titan makes a surprisingly good, incredibly durable Olympic barbell at a great price. This is up in price from some of their more affordable, economy bars, but also offers a significant bump in the quality and features.

This is a $100-150 investment for a much better product and a great chance to put your money into the most important item for a better training experience.

This is a theme we really enjoy with Titan, and the Titan Series Cerakote bar is one of the best garage gym ‘beater’ bars, and you can realistically expect years of good whip and spin from this bar. It’s a great investment that doesn’t break the bank – and has some ridiculous value for money (benefit per dollar!).

T-Series power cages (T-2, T-3, and T-4)

The Titan T-series racks are great options, and the choice of rack size and quality is great for pricing up your home gym. You can select specific add-ons, change the size, and more, all within their power cage system to get the right balance of cost and features for your home gym.

Affordable home gym equipment with the ability to ‘scale up’ and invest in a bigger or better cage is a huge benefit. It’s a great way of going to one place for your main items, while also being able to choose where to invest more, and where to pinch pennies.

This is a versatility we love to see in cheaper brands, especially, and gives you more control over where your hard-earned money goes, and what you get for it!

Titan Fitness KG Elite Black Bumper Plates

Titan’s urethane bumper plates are a great choice for upper-mid quality bumper plates at a lower cost than many competitors. These are high-quality bumpers, but you can get a 140kg set for around 800 dollars – a great offering compared to many competitors on the market.

These are well-built and come with the key features that you want: great durability, low tolerances on weight, and IWF standard dimensions. These are one of the best investments for weightlifting or CrossFit at home and are a great standard for all strength training needs.

They’re a great product at a surprisingly good price, especially when you consider the free shipping on a 140kg/308 lbs pallet!

Titan Fitness vs Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness is better than Titan Fitness for quality, but they also come at a significantly higher cost. For a full home gym build, even a minimalist one, you’re looking to spend around 50% more with Rogue fitness, even if that does result in a better setup and better durability.

This trade-off simply isn’t available for a lot of Americans, however, with Titan fitness providing a home gym that might not be affordable otherwise.

The question of value for money is hard to settle: it’s always better to invest in a better product, but that requires having the money in the first place. Titan lets you get set up with equipment that is cheap but completely functional, while Rogue’s prices can be prohibitively high.

This means Titan wins out for a lot of budget home gyms, where you’re either going to get more items for the money or a home gym for cheaper. It’s fair to say that the actual value for money is comparable, or Rogue is ahead, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the extra expense in the first place!

Key Takeaway

Titan Fitness is legit – especially if you’re looking to get your gym started on a tighter budget.

Titan is a brand that many Americans are already familiar with because they provide an affordable gym setup that lets you start training sooner rather than later. It’s a brand that makes affordable home gym use possible while offering better quality than many international brands – or Amazon brands.

Titan has 2 major benefits that you should keep in mind when shopping and pricing up a home gym:

  1. They’re cheap but better than their cheap or white-label competitors
  2. They’re more economical than a lot of medium and premium brands

It’s in this pair of benefits that Titan’s value is obvious. A more affordable home gym setup with no shipping costs, and a better experience than a lot of price-matched competitors for the cost. This makes Titan a popular supplier.

Titan has had their historical concerns with both Quality Assurance and customer service, but they’ve definitely improved. There’s always a risk of hassle with this kind of price point, but Titan’s warranty policy and general affordability really are making up for this in recent years.

Our final takeaway? Titan’s a good brand to help you get a home gym set up in your garage or basement when there might not be many other choices, and you want the peace of mind that you bought something that’s made within good specifications and will live up to your needs. It’s not flashy, but it definitely gets the job done at a much lower price than some competitors.

Titan Fitness FAQs

Is Titan Fitness made in the USA?

No, most of Titan Fitness’s items are manufactured abroad, though they may go through regulation checks, construction, or other secondary steps in their Tennessee headquarters/warehouses.

This is one of the ways that Titan keeps prices lower. American steel is far more expensive than Chinese steel, and the cost of Titan’s products reflects that. It’s a 2-part process that usually provides great dollar value but may lead to some inconsistencies or QA concerns.

This is a relatively small downside, unless you’re dead-set on American-made fitness equipment. For most people, the price offsets this issue, but it’s still worth thinking about.

Does Titan Fitness have sales?

Yes – Titan Fitness runs both manufacturer sales and seasonal sales. For example, items with cosmetic damage are sold off in their ‘scratch and dent’ category as a way of getting even better prices below the RRP.

Equally, bundled home gym packages offer great discounts for spending on multiple items in one place. Seasonal sales are a little less predictable but typically come around at least quarterly, with more regular sales before and after Christmas, and other big public holidays.

Titan Fitness sales typically range up to a maximum of 25%, which is a huge discount on products that are already sold at a good price.

Does Titan Fitness have a military discount?

Titan does not currently offer a military discount – this is likely because of the low cost of products at RRP.

It’s hard to offer the standard 10-15% discount if manufacturer margins are already slim, especially with Titan’s free shipping policy.

This could be a make-or-break factor, but we think Titan still comes in with enough great savings that it balances out.

Does Titan Fitness ship internationally?

Titan Fitness does not ship internationally, or outside of the mainland United States.

The free shipping they provide already demands a significant amount of cash and is typically run through land-based truck and freight operations.

Titan does not ship to non-contiguous states, either: Hawaii and Alaska are out of luck for this brand. Titan also cannot ship to Army, Fleet, or Diplomatic Post Offices (APO/FPO/DPO) – which isn’t surprising, since these are closely regulated and monitored facilities.

Equally, you can’t ship Titan fitness products to a PO box. We wonder who is trying to ship a whole squat rack to a PO box, but we’re not going to judge.

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