Why & How to Install Mirrors in Your Home Gym

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Gym mirrors are not just for selfies. They also help you to monitor your form and make you home gym space seem larger.

In this article, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of home gym mirrors, along with tips on installation, their costs, and safety measures.

Why Install Mirrors in Your Home Gym

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Gym Mirrors:

  • Make Your Home Gym Feel Larger
  • Illuminate the Room
  • Improve Your Lifting Form & Reduce Risk of Injury
  • Allow You to See Your Progress
  • Are More Hygenic & Easy to Clean

How Much Do Home Mirrors Cost?

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The cost of home gym mirrors varies depending on the quality and size of the mirror. Prices range from $150 up to $600.

Design and shape are factors to consider when determining the cost of the home gym mirrors. Also, shatter-resistant mirrors are worth it since they are cheap to maintain. Also, the best gym mirrors do not require framing.

The cost of fitting the mirror is separate from that of acquiring one.

Also, design such as beveled is more expensive in comparison to flat-edged mirrors. The person fitting the mirror may ask for different fees depending on your location and the work quality—the home gym design matters in determining the actual cost of fitting the mirrors.

How Difficult Are Gym Mirrors to Install?

It’s not challenging to install the home gym mirrors.

You need to talk with the local manufacturers and dealers for the best quality. It’s easier to get reviews online from consumers of the same home mirrors.

There’re people trained to fit in the gym home mirrors. They work professionally for a fee to offer quality work. So ask around for the best dealers for home gym mirrors. Also, some mirrors are relatively easy to fit in, depending on the quality.

Others are heavy-duty, and it can be tedious to mount. Thus, it’s advisable to pay a professional for the work.

Home gym mirrors can help you transform your little gym space into a studio.  It’s crucial to receive all precautions attached to the mirrors. Order and ensure all adhesive for mounting the mirrors are in place. The mirrors should blend with the walls for a perfect look.

Measure your gym width using a pencil to help you order for the right size. You can call for serviceman inspections before settling on any mirror design, shape, and color. Always pay attention to the quality to purchase long-lasting and easy-to-maintain mirrors.

If you settle for shipment, ensure the package uses high-quality cartons. Confirm mirrors before signing the shipment form and notify the company of the actual condition of the mirrors. Also, perform a background check to confirm the package delivered is consistent with the quality ordered.

Are Home Gym Mirrors Dangerous?

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Home gym mirrors are not dangerous if well mounted. Generally, mirrors are fragile and can be heavy, depending on the quality.

Broken mirrors are a severe health hazard.  The quality and the method of mounting is significant for the home gym mirrors. Take time to understand which quality and what servicemen you need to mount the mirrors.

Bottom Line

Fitting mirrors in your home gym will take it to the next level.

They make the space feel larger and also help you to maintain you form.

Good quality, sizeable mirrors don’t come cheap though so make sure you shop around for the best deal.

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