Best Gym Mats For Your Home Gym 2023

Working out can get pretty sweaty. That is why having the best gym mats in your home gym are so important.

Activities like yoga and weight lifting require tremendous support to ensure that you do not slip and get hurt.

This piece will cover five of the best gym floor mats for your home gym.

Best Gym Mats for a Home Gym

Best Overall Home Gym Floor Mat: BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

This BalanceFrom Gym Mat comprises thirty-six EVA Foam tiles that interlock into whatever size you would like. They are perfect for home gyms, gymnasiums, and any other exercising ground.

This particular fitness mat sells as a package of thirty-six tiles that seamlessly interlock to form an endless carpet of the best vinyl gym flooring.

The borders are 72 in the count, and the whole unit will cover a site measuring 144 sq. feet. Each tile has dimensions of 24x24x1/2 inches.

This material can be positioned any side up, and they proffer high-density support inclusion to its anti-slip capability. The ½ inch breadth provides the user with the right amount of buffering for propping up and even easing a fall.

BalanceFrom gym mat comes in three separate tones. There are blue, black, and grey options to go with the tiles’ wideness also varies, and each adjustment upwards means a reduction in the space covered.

You then get a three-quarter inch thick batch that covers twenty-four and ninety-six sq. feet, and the one-inch thick bunches cover twenty-four and seventy-two sq feet.


  • High density provides excellent support and cushioning
  • Water-resistant material makes it easy to clean
  • The intertwining feature is superb as it allows you to quickly reassemble and dissemble the mat in a matter of minutes.
  • Once you purchase this item, you get to enjoy a two-year warranty with the gym mat.


  • When you frequently assemble and disassemble these pieces, the interlocking hold gets loose over time.
  • If you are using shoes in your working out session, this collection is perhaps the most flawed idea to go with; they are not workable with shoes on, especially if the sole is rubber.
  • If you try to buy different colors for an aesthetic look, you might find that some tiles are thicker than others.


These fitness mats are the best gym flooring for a wide-reaching space. You can also utilize these fitness mats for your child’s play area or even a home recording atelier.

Final Verdict

Although the BalanceFrom Gym Mat is priced on the higher side, you are getting a quality mat that will last.

Runner-Up: Innhom Gym Flooring Mat

Innhom 12/24 Tiles Gym Mat Review

The Innhom Gym Flooring Mats for home gyms are a jigsaw kind of gym mat that interlock to form a spacious, evenly levels surface for training. The material is an EVA Foam with an appreciable support system.

Product specs

The material is high-density EVA foam that is durable, supportive, and proffers you excellent service. One batch of mats covers a total of 46 square feet. One individual tile has the dimensions of 23.6 by 23.6 by 0.4 inches.

One pack comes with six black times and six grey tiles. These grey-colored tiles could, however, be changed to blue. These twelve tiles are the ones that cover the 46 sq. feet surface area.


  • The material used in making these home gym mats is stout, hard-wearing, and will last a long time with proper care.
  • Mopping these pieces is easy-peasy and fast. They do not absorb water at all, making them dry fast after wiping.
  • The assembling is straightforward, and this makes them very time-efficient.
  • They are lightweight, making them a great option to carry around if you must.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the contrasting color makes these tiles look beautiful.


  • After a while of usage, the interlocks become loose.
  • They can be a fire hazard.
  • Unless you have a bag to carry them inside an enclosed pocket, moving them one by one might be a hassle if they are not tied together.


They are especially apt for your home gym, whatever the size, since you can utilize the assembling squared to fit in any surface area. They are also instrumental in being used for kids’ playrooms and home recording studios.

 Additionally, they could be excellently suited for the basement, garage, and workshop flooring. Because of their stunning appearance once assembled, they may also be used as a balcony carpet covering.

Final Verdict

The Innhom Gym Flooring Mats are an excellent mid-range option for any home gym.

Honorable Mention: ProsourceFit Intertwining Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit Intertwining Exercise Mat Review

The ProsourceFit intertwining gym mats are a quality batch of the best rubber mats for a home gym.

Product specs

They are a top-tier brand with the best rubber mats for home gym because of the attractive EVA Foam that makes them. The interlocking squares are half an inch in width enough to bestow a comfortable training session.

Its markings on the assembling squares are very appealing, making them very versatile. They are non-skid and lightweight units. A package with six tiles measuring 24 by 24 by a half-inch with twelve end borders covers 24 sq. feet. There are three colors to pick out from- black, blue, and grey.


  • The uncomplicated interlocking tech makes these best gym mats for home straightforward to assemble and disassemble.
  • The easily detachable design makes it possible for you to carry your gym flooring wherever you are.
  • They are lightweight and compact; however, storage space is not a concern.
  • They are straightforward to clean.
  • The versatility in color is fantastic.


  • Some clients mentioned that these pieces could detach while you work out, which may force you to use tape to hold them together.
  • The newer batches seem to be of lower quality than the starting batches.
  • If you purchase two different batches, they come different in the shade of colors.


You can first use them as a decorative set in your living room or kitchen because of their attractive colors. The balcony can also look amazing with a batch of these mats.

They can also be used for playing or studying areas used by children, and lastly, they can act as the best floor mats for the home gym for boxing, yoga, and even weightlifting training sessions.

Final Verdict

The ProsourceFit intertwining gym mats are a quality batch of the best rubber mats for a home gym.

Honorable Mention: Sivan Health and Fitness Training Interlinking Mat Tiles

Sivan Health and Fitness Training Interlinking Mat Tiles Review

These intermeshing Sivan Health and Fitness Exercise Mat Tiles are the best gym flooring for a home gym and elsewhere because of their unique print. They have an imposing rubber top perfect for exercises with fast movements.

Product specs

These Sivan fitness mats are a high-density EVA Foam pick with a very innovative rubber top that is anti-skid. The square blocks are also inter-lockable, and they come in batches of half a dozen with individual dimensions of 24 by 25 by half an inch breadth.

These fitness mats are grey speckled and have two ribbed edges on each unit. It will ensure that every square can be a center, corner, or middle segment of the final floor covering.


  • The rubber top makes them ideal for heavy-duty training sessions.
  • Cleaning these units is very easy and fast.
  • Their detachability is commendable, letting you fix them together and bring them apart just whenever you need to.
  • They are long-lasting.


  • There have been incidences that the interlocking patterns are mismatched, making it hard to use.
  • While you train, the tiles may separate, and this may result in injury.
  • The top rubber layer on the tiles may start to peel off after a few months of usage.


First and foremost, these tiles are one of the best rubber mats for a home gym because of their laudable rubber top. Thus, they are also very applicable for home use as kids play station, the patio, the laundry room, and even the bathroom. They can also be used in school gyms.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best gym flooring that is versatile enough to be used for another purpose as well, go for the Sivan Health and Fitness Exercise Mat Tiles.

Best Wood Grain Gym Flooring Mats: Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats Foam

Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats Foam Review

The Sorbus Wood grain flooring fitness and home-use mats are a distinctive selection that appeals to an aesthetic value on top of functionality. This collection of the best flooring for the home gym serves multiple purposes.

Product specs

The Sorbus store’s square building blocks are a set of ⅜ inch-wide collection of wood grain tiles. The edges of individual tiles have a delicate jigsaw pattern that ensures they fit snuggle into each other to make a solid frame. One batch comes with a dozen square foam blocks with a classic wooden, faux wood finish. One square tile has a dimension of 2ft by 2ft by ⅜ inch.

There are six different tiles colors: marble, wood grain light, wood grain dark, wood grain mahogany, wood grain grey, and wood grain pine. The twelve tiles cover a space of 48 sq. feet.


  • The faux wooden finish is an appealing style, which makes this collection very versatile.
  • You are spoilt for choice from the six available.
  • They are waterproof and non-absorbent, making them perfect for spaces that always gets wet.
  • They can be used for both business and personal use.
  • The mats hold their ground firmly since they do not slip when placed on any surface-tiled or cemented.
  • The assembling of these square blocks is a breeze and will take you a short time to finish.
  • These tiles could conceal a variety of space, big or small, where the end borders are detachable.
  • The ⅜ inch breadth offers ample support


  • These intermeshing tiles collection is very fragile and may need a replacement after a short while.
  • Some users of heavy working out machinery have attested that the machines leave permanent blemishes on the tiles.


Firstly, they perform pretty impressively as home gym flooring. Secondly, they can be used as events carpeting because of their aesthetic trait. Thirdly, they can be used as a home or office carpeting to cover the floor end to end completely.

Final Verdict

Quality at a resaonble price – you can’t go wrong with the Sorbus Floor Mats.

How to Choose the Best Gym Mat

installed gym mat


One of the most common characteristics the best gym mats for home possess is durability. And this depends on the material that has been used to make this gym mat.

Getting a rug made of flimsy material only means that you will get to a new one in a few months. And that is why you should go for materials that will last you the longest.


Believe it or not, the style of the best home gym floor mats has a significant role to play when it comes to selecting a gym mat just as much as durability. Many people today like to use a gym mat that matches most of their working outfits.

For instance, ladies will mostly go for gym mat styles that are bright and colorful and those that do most of the walking out outfits. 

Men, on the other hand, go for subtle fashions and those that are very neutral. The type of gym mat a person goes with depends on their personal preferences. Some go for plain ones while others opt to go with printed versions.

The fitness mat style might also be determined by the external decor of other room elements, like the wall paint color and so much more.

Types of Activities

This is yet another characteristic that will point someone to select the best gym mats for a home gym. Admittedly, different activities require different types of gym mats.

For example, a person who is into yoga will use utterly different gym floor mats than a person who is into boxing. Both athletes need reinforcement not to fall, but each will require other criteria in choosing the best gym mats specific to their sport.

A boxer will indeed use a more oversized carpet. They will also extend the home gym specifications by using a flooring material conducive to holding the carpet in place. Since their movements are more vigorous, the best flooring for home gym boxers would be rubber flooring for basement.

The Face Value

When you visit the fitness stores that retail these mats, you will find quite an array of mats you could choose from. In fact, they range from a wide assortment based on the material and, most importantly, the price tag.

The face value is directly linked to the dimensions, permanence, and sometimes the trade name. If you have ever stopped and observed, superior fitness trademarks tend to sell their products at elevated prices. And they do that for a reason.

Since they already have a name for themselves, why not capitalize on adding gym mats into their merchandise list? It goes without saying that the bigger the brand, the more expensive it is.

However, if you have no issue spending a colossal amount on the best rubber mats for home gym from a reputable brand, then why not? A Nike logo would look pretty amazing, don’t you think so!

Gym Mats For Your Home Gym FAQ

home gym rubber mats

What Are Gym Mats For?

Fitness gym mats are first used as what the name suggests- for training and gym activities.

These same gym mats can be used as covering units used for children’s play stations, patios, and even kitchens.

The gym fitness coverings that have an aesthetic appeal, like the Sorbus wood grain inter-lockable floor mats discussed above, can be used as the leading carpet for homes and work sites.

How Do I Choose a Fitness Mat?

Selecting one will depend on the following:

The surface area to be covered

In case the space needed to be concealed is massive, like a fully-operational gym, it conveys that you go with a square interlocking selection that will cover the entire floor.

The type of activity

If you are searching for a fitness mat for yoga, you will go for a lightweight piece. But if you intend to use the space for heavy weight lifting, then a thicker fitness mat would do.

Boxing requires tiles with rubber surfaces that are anti-slip. We will instead say that different activities will require additional requirements for a fitness mat.

The use of the space

As seen above, these tiles could be used in more ways than just at the gym. So much so, if you are on the lookout for a collection that has the benefits of a gym mat while it looks great, then it would mean going for an aesthetically appealing type.

An event dance floor will look perfect with a detailed and fine-designed collection while still offering the same benefits as a fitness mat.

How Thick Should a Gym Mat Be?

thick gym mat

Gym mats come in different thicknesses, which is usually dependent on the activity to partake.

Regardless, a gym carpet must not be any less thick than half an inch. Any thickness below this measure will result in support issues.

At half an inch and above, a user can get maximum support on their spine, knees, elbows, hips, and ankle while they work out.

A comfortably thick mat also offers excellent cushioning when one trips and falls.


Gym mats come in quite an array of selections, but the five discussed in this piece are must-haves.

You have some that can also be used in your primary home decor from the five because they come beautifully crafted. Each piece covered in this article is made of durable material; they are easy to install, and lastly, very easy to clean. So what more could you ask for?

Sure, there are some drawbacks here and there, but nothing major that you cannot get a quick fix to. For instance, if floor tiles are separating while you work out, you may use carpet take from the bottom side to keep them intact. Problem solved! Each of the cons mentioned has a solution, so do not let that worry you.

These sets are affordable and versatile, and so you will not lack one that fits your needs. So much so, if getting the best gym mats has been what has been holding you back from having a home gym, pick one from this list and buy it.

Guarantee you will enjoy its benefits, and even better yet, finally get that dream body you have always desired.

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