Best CrossFit Shoes for Men & Women in 2022

CrossFit is a training style that revolutionized the fitness industry. Its high-intensity workouts put your body and gear to the test.

If you don’t have the right gear, you’ll end up spending more time on the sidelines recovering from injuries than exercising. That is why we are bringing you this expert guide to the best CrossFit shoes.

Let’s get started.

Best CrossFit Shoes for Beginners: Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer / Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Review


  • Size: 5.5 – 14
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors
  • Shoe Material: Woven textile upper
  • Sole Material: Rubber Sole
  • Best for: Varied CrossFit WODs and other training

The latest addition to the ever-popular Nano, the Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer was launched last year to meet the needs of the growing CrossFit community.

The low profile, lightweight fit with a wider toe box and structured forefront support makes it a great choice for a variety of exercises including squats and deadlifts. Moreover, you can easily find the right fit for your foot because it is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

If you take a look at the structure, the breathable mesh upper is light in weight yet gives complete coverage to your foot. Using the Flexweave Technology, the fibers are weaved closer to form figure-8 which gives strength and flexibility to the upper shoe.

The center of the sole has an added layer of cushioning that keeps your feet comfortable as you work out. The wide toe box allows you to move quickly and easily and the low heel cuffs add to flexibility.

However, that can cause your heavy lifts to suffer. In either case, if you are looking for something that offers great support, is durable and is made for high speed without weighing you down, then the Nano 9 is a perfect choice.


  • Lightweight
  • Wide toe box
  • Breathable Material
  • Added cushioning in the front for extra comfort and support


  • Inadequate heel support
  • Larger toe box leads to sizing confusions

Most Stable CrossFit Shoes: Under Armour Men’s Tribase Reign 2.0 Cross Trainer / Women’s Tribase Reign 2.0 Cross Trainer

Under Armour Men's Tribase Reign 2.0 Cross Trainer Review


  • Size: 5 – 15
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors.
  • Shoe Material: 100% Synthetic
  • Sole Material: Full rubber outsole for extended shoe life.
  • Best For: Workouts that require stability and heel lock-in   

Over the years, Under Armour is known for its high-quality trainers but the company has really changed the game with this low-profile shoe. The Under Armour Tribase Reign 2.0 Cross Trainer allows you to keep your balance as you get started with tricky lifts.

The UA Tribase in the outsoles add to stability while promoting flexibility and natural movements. Moreover, the engineered zonal flex and traction in the forefoot allows enhanced mobility and better grip as you transition between the workouts.

For added comfort and extra support, there is a full-length Micro-G foam midsole followed by a full rubber outsole for better grip and extended durability. Perhaps the only feature that may be an undesirable one is that the shoe is not true to size.

Most of the customers who have purchased this trainer complain about the shoe being too narrow. This is an even greater concern if you are ordering these CrossFit shoes online.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Incredibly stable.
  • Low to the ground construction.


  • The shoe is too narrow for some people.

Most Stylish CrossFit Shoes: PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer / Women’s Tazon 6 FM Cross Trainer

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe Review


  • Size: 5.5 – 14
  • Color: Black, Puma Black, Puma Silver and Black-Safety Yellow
  • Shoe Material: 100% Synthetic Leather
  • Sole Material: Rubber sole.
  • Best for: Run-train performance sneakers.

If you are looking for the best CrossFit shoes that you can wear to work as well, then PUMA Tazon 6 FM Cross-Trainer Shoe is your best bet. With a sleek and stylish outlook, the Tazon 6 is an excellent elaboration of fracture graphics with a modern look.

The super-comfortable trainers can meet your training needs along with being a perfect addition to your casual shoe collection. Made with 100% synthetic leather with a rubber sole, this pair of CrossFit will provide you the support you need whether you are training or walking down to work.

Moreover, with the brand name of PUMA, you can always expect durability and excellent quality. However, just like all PUMA trainers, this CrossFit shoe are narrower towards the toe. So if you have a wider foot structure, it is best to give it a try before you make the final call.


  • Lightweight.
  • Great design.
  • Comfortable shoes while being tough on the outside.


  • Offer limited flexibility that is required for workouts.
  • Narrow towards the toe.

Most Breathable CrossFit Shoe: Reebok Men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave / Women’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexware Sneaker Review


  • Size: 5 – 14
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors.  
  • Shoe Material: Synthetic  
  • Sole Material: Rubber sole
  • Best for: Enhancing the CrossFit experience

While Reebok has been working on designing CrossFit shoes over the last few years, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker is one of the best CrossFit shoes that you can find on the market.

The flexible material on the upper side of the shoe designed using Flexweave Technology gives enough space to your foot along with enhancing breathability. Moreover, the supportive rubber sole adds more stability and grip.

The toe and heel of this CrossFit shoe are designed to provide stability and support during high-intensity training workouts. Furthermore, the RopePro technology makes it easier to maintain balance as you climb up the rope.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker may be one of the best that the company has to offer however, there are some complaints regarding the size of the shoe. Many customers have raised objections about the shoe being the wrong size.

And while some have complained about inappropriate size, others are not satisfied with the looks. That being said, it is one of the most durable and comfortable CrossFit shoes that you can find.


  • RopePro technology for better support.
  • Low-cut design.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Flex grooves for better flexibility.


  • Shoe does not fit to size.
  • Not very stylish.

Most Durable CrossFit Shoes: NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes / Men’s Training Shoes

NOBULL Womens Training Shoes Review


  • Size: 5 – 15
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors.
  • Shoe Material:  SuperFabric upper.
  • Sole Material: Rubber sole.
  • Best for: For all types of workouts both indoors and outdoors. 

No Bull is not a new name in the CrossFit shoe industry. The highly durable and stable NOBULL Training CrossFit Shoes are ideal for all types of workouts.

The women’s are versatile and designed on the same pattern as their men’s trainers so whether you aim for cardio or a HIIT workout, these trainers can be your best pal. The outsole lug pattern allows you to easily transition from indoor to outdoor environments and vice versa. Moreover, the breathable upper and 4 mm heel drop adds more to stability, grip and support even when you have sweaty feet.

The NOBULL CrossFit trainers are made using the SuperFabric that is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. Furthermore, there are lateral and medial guards for added protection.

If you are looking for a durable CrossFit shoe that can serve you for years and for all types of workout, then the slightly higher-end prices of this trainer shouldn’t deter you from investing in one. Go No Bull!


  • Provide excellent support for all types of workouts.
  • Abrasion resistant, breathable upper.
  • Lug pattern on the outsole for easy transition between indoor and outdoor workouts.
  • Lateral and medial guards for added protection.


  • Slightly overpriced.
  • Not an easily accessible brand.

Key Considerations When Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes

shoes for man

Now that you already know about some of the best CrossFit shoes on the market, it is time to get some useful information about the key features that every reliable CrossFit shoe must possess.


When looking for the perfect pair of CrossFit shoes, just remember that versatility is the key feature you should always consider. Here versatility does not the ability of the shoe to adjust well into different situations.

Instead, it refers to how well your shoe allows you to transition through different types of movements that are a critical feature of a CrossFit workout. Are you into weight lifting and climbing? Or is HIIT workout a part of your CrossFit challenge?

In either case, your shoe should be such that it can support you during any activity that you to intend to perform.


And when you talk about versatility, it is incomplete without durability. Since CrossFit challenges are characterized by HIIT workouts and rapid movements, your Cross shoe needs to be durable as well as versatile.

Hard core activities such as rope climbs, handstand push-ups and cardio can affect different areas of your shoes and make your pair susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, it is best to go for a durable pair.

You can predict the durability of your CrossFit shoe simply by getting information about the sole. Rubber outsoles are generally better and are more durable. Moreover, CrossFit shoes with rigid EVA foam midsole are often a great choice in terms of performance and durability.


While durability is an important aspect, that does not mean you can disregard the breathability of your CrossFit shoes. Regardless of how comfortable your shoe may be, it is only natural for your feet to get hot and sweaty.

Thanks to the intensity of CrossFit challenges. This sweat not only makes you uncomfortable but can also interfere with stability as you work out. Moreover, it adds to the risk of slipping while contributing to bacterial growth and smell in your shoes.

Therefore, it is best to go for a CrossFit pair that is made using a light and breathable upper. You can find out a variety of CrossFit shoes on the market that comes with breathable uppers. Different types of CrossFit shoes are designed using a variety of technologies that can help in keeping your feet cool and dry.

A CrossFit shoe with a breathable construct will not only allow you to keep your feet cool as you workout but also reduces the risk of slippage while you are training. And lastly, there will be lesser chances of your shoes stinking. So make sure you give it enough thought before you invest in your new CrossFit pair.


woman crossfit

Another key consideration that you should never disregard is the weight of your trainers. The idea behind using a CrossFit shoe is to ensure that you get the required support that you need as you get started with HIIT workouts. However, this can become a challenge if your CrossFit shoes are too heavy.

Here it is important to note that heavier shoes are not synonymous with durable and comfortable shoes. The heavy weight of your shoes can weigh you down and reduce your efficiency as you transition between movements. So go for a CrossFit shoe that offers comfort and support without slowing you down.

That being said, there is no recommended range of the ideal weight of CrossFit shoes that you should purchase. You need to make the choice depending upon the support you need, the level of comfort you desire, and the weight of the shoes that you can handle.


When looking for the right pair of CrossFit for your feet, never disregard the fit of your shoes. Fit refers to the comfort and feel of your CrossFit shoes and it is completely on your personal preference.

Some people prefer CrossFit shoes with narrow toe box while others prefer a wider toe box. Many fitness enthusiasts go for CrossFit shoes that offer better support at the heel while some may prefer more support by the arch. In either case, the right fit varies from person to person.

Moreover, it is important to note that the fit of your shoe will affect its outward design as well. So go for CrossFit shoes that offer a comfortable fit while being nice on outlook and style.


How can you not consider comfort when you are planning to purchase the right CrossFit shoes for your workouts. Comfort is perhaps the most critical consideration when it comes to choosing shoes and it becomes an even more important factor when you are looking for CrossFit shoes.

Go for CrossFit shoes that have a wider toe box that allows ample space to the toes as you workout. Moreover, choose a flat sole and extra cushion at the heel for more security and support during all types of trainings.

You can find a wide variety of CrossFit shoes that offer great heel and arch support. All you have to do is to give it a try before you finalize the pair for your feet.

Value for Money

Price is a key consideration for any purchase decision and CrossFit shoes are not an exception. You can easily find cheaper variety of CrossFit shoes or you can go for more expensive designs that come from higher end brands.

As a general rule, more expensive designs have added features such as better support, better sole and shoe material and greater versatility. And when you are getting all the desirable features, it is possible for such designs to cost as much as double the price of your basic trainers.

On the other hand, you can also find cheaper alternatives however, they may compromise of the quality.  Regardless of what you choose, make sure your desired CrossFit shoe offers the right value for your money.


reebok crossfit shoes

There are several brands of CrossFit shoes that are available on the market but then again brands come at a cost. The more reliable and durable the brand is, the more expensive your shoes are likely to be.

So your choice of brand depends upon how often you are likely to use your CrossFit trainers. If you are a fitness enthusiast who works out on most days of the week, then your choice of high-end brands is justified because you need support, durability, and the right fit.

However, if you are new to the fitness world and seldom workout, you can start by investing in some lesser-known brands and then walk your way up to ones that are highly regarded in the CrossFit industry.

With these eight factors in mind, you are now in a better position to choose the right pair of CrossFit shoes for your workout challenge. Now let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions related to CrossFit shoes that will further add value to your knowledge base.  

Crossfit Shoes FAQ

What are CrossFit Shoes?

As mentioned earlier, CrossFit is a combination of movements, ranging from cardio to powerlifts and when you are performing such high-intensity workout, you are expected to wear shoes that are designed to serve a purpose.

And this is exactly what CrossFit shoes are. They are a combination of everything that you may experienced with your feet. They offer support, and stability during heavy lifts. Moreover, they are lightweight and flexible so your speed and ability to transition between moves do not get compromised.

And lastly, they are breathable so your feet does not get hot and sweaty as you workout. While this feature allows you to keep your CrossFit shoes odor-less, it also aids in adding stability and avoid slippage as you workout.

In all, CrossFit shoes are shoes that can keep you balanced and provide adequate support as you take up the CrossFit challenge.

How Should CrossFit Shoes Fit?

CrossFit shoes are designed to serve a purpose and they can only fulfill that if they fit right. Therefore, it is important to choose CrossFit shoes that are neither too wide nor too small.

With adequate size, you can easily reduce the risk of blisters and sores along with minimizing the risk of injury. If you are not sure whether your desired CrossFit shoe fits well or not, it is best to leave some space between your big toe and end of the shoe. Ideally, that space should be no more than the width of your thumb.

As you read about it, it might appear to be too large a space to leave empty in your show but practically, this will prevent your toes from jamming towards the end of your shoe and provide more comfort as you workout.  

Why Wear CrossFit Shoes?

rope training with crossfit shoes

Now that you are aware of what CrossFit shoes are, it is time to find out why you need to wear them. Some of the reasons why you should wear CrossFit shoes include the following.

CrossFit Shoes Provide the Support You Need

CrossFit is quite an intense workout style and you cannot achieve the desired results unless you have the right support. CrossFit shoes provide the support and stability you need to perform high intensity workouts.

Only when you wear a CrossFit shoe, you are in a better position to transition from one high-intensity movement to another with ease.

CrossFit Shoes are Comfortable

Shoes in general should be comfortable. Afterall, they take care of your feet; a part of your body that support you. But when you are jumping, running, skipping or climbing rope for hours, comfort become an even more important feature.

And this is exactly why you need CrossFit shoes. They are more comfortable than any other type of shoes. Moreover, they can provide the support and cushioning you need as you indulge in a HIIT workout.

CrossFit Shoes are Versatile

Since CrossFit encompasses a number of workout techniques, you need shoes that can offer support in almost all such activities. This is where CrossFit shoes come into play.

They are versatile and are designed to support you as you lift, sprint, jump, climb a rope or literally do anything else. And they not only provide the right kind of support but they also have a significant contribution in improving your overall workout experience. 

CrossFit Shoes are Durable

Last but not the least, CrossFit shoes are durable. If you already know how a CrossFit workout works, you would know how easily your shoes can break down with this intensity of training.

But CrossFit shows are different. They are designed to take up the challenge with you and they continue to stand by your side for years because CrossFit shoes are durable. They are made from high quality material that can take up the abuse from tough workouts and still survive through. 

CrossFit Shoes Reduce the Risk of Injury

Since CrossFit shoes are designed to provide support and stability as you perform high-intensity workout, wearing CrossFit shoes can significantly reduce your risk of injury.

CrossFit shoes allow you to keep your feet in the right position despite not-so-smooth movements. Moreover, since CrossFit shoes are made up of breathable fabric, using this type of shoes can reduce your risk of slippage and associated injuries.

There are several other reasons why you should wear CrossFit shoes. They are not just a trainer that can accompany you to the gym but can also be a great addition to your casual shoe collection that you can wear to work as well.

jumpin jacks

What’s the Difference Between CrossFit Shoes and Running Shoes?

CrossFit shoes can be used for running but there are not the same as running shoes. Some of the differences between CrossFit shoes and running shoes are highlighted below.

CrossFit ShoesRunning Shoes
CrossFit shoes have a heel to toe differential between 3 and 6 mm.The heel to toe differential may be as high as 10 mm or more
CrossFit shoes allow all types of movements including lateral and sideward movements.Running shoes support forward motion only.
CrossFit shoes are not a great option when it comes to absorbing shocks.Running shoes can absorb shocks very well.
CrossFit shoes are heavier in weight compared to running shoes.Running shoes are lighter in weight.  
CrossFit shoes are more durable.Running shoes often have a shorter lifespan.

Can You Wear CrossFit Shoes Everyday?

You can wear CrossFit shoes every day. They are excellent for running and walking. They keep your feet cool and support the feet completely. What else do you expect from an everyday casual shoe?

However, despite all the desirable features of CrossFit shoes, perhaps the only factor that may make it slightly less desirable for everyday use is its price. CrossFit shoes are slightly pricey but if you prefer comfort and durability, then the higher price will not deter you from getting a pair of CrossFit shoes for your everyday use.


Whether you are new to the fitness world or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, a pair of CrossFit trainers is essential for best performance at the workout.

But since the CrossFit circle is full of options that are all equally appealing, making the right choice for CrossFit shoes may be overwhelming. To help you make a more informed choice, we have compiled a list of 5 great CrossFit shoes that can meet every need.

Moreover, we have highlighted 8 critical factors that can facilitate the decision-making process. And lastly, some of the most frequently asked questions regarding CrossFit shoes are answered so you can make a more confident choice.

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