Best Dumbbell Racks for a Home Gym

The Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0 is the best dumbbell rack on the market today but there are other great options that may better suit your needs or budget.

Space is everything for a home gym – especially when it comes to dumbbells and the multiple pairs you need.

If you don’t have adjustable dumbbells, you’re going to need some dumbbell racks.

Today we’re going through 5 of the best offerings on the market, why we love them, and how they can fit into your home gym setup.

Best Dumbbell Racks

dumbbell storage rack

Best Overall Dumbbell Rack: Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0

Best Overall
Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0

Rogue’s fully redesigned Universal Storage System 2.0 lets you create a dynamic kettlebell / dumbbell / medball rack customized to your gym’s needs.

Key Features:

  • Available in 2-tier (29.25″) or 3-tier (45.25″)
  • Storage Rack for Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls
  • Overall Footprint: 76.5″ overall (70″ shelf) x 23.75″ (depth)
  • Shelf Length: 70” (enough to stack sixteen 70LB kettlebells stacked two deep)
  • 2×3″ and 3×3″ 11-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • Signature Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Caster Wheels and Rubber Feet
Best Dumbbell Racks for a Home Gym 1

Rogue Fitness’ reputation is well-deserved. 

The Rogue Universal Storage System comes in either a 2-tier or 3-tier shelving system and is customizable based on the type of shelf for each tier (flat tray for kettlebells or angled for dumbbells).

It is perfect for organizing any equipment, including kettlebells, med balls, and dumbbell storage.

The construction is high-gauge steel, and it even includes optional wheels for those short on space or in need of a moving dumbbell rack.

This is our best overall dumbbell storage option simply because it’s so high-quality and versatile.

The Universal Storage System 2.0 allows you to individualize your dumbbell rack, roll it around your home gym space, and use it for a range of different pieces of equipment. 

It’s reliable, well-built, and offers all the features we’re looking for.

It’s the premium option on our list, but only because it offers all the storage space, most home gyms will ever need and takes up relatively little space compared to how much it can store.

Key Takeaway:

Overall, the Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0 is the clear premium product for complete home gym dumbbell storage – and more.

Best Dumbbell Rack on Amazon: REP Fitness 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Best on Amazon
REP FITNESS - 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Strong, sturdy, and easy to assemble. This rack has a great footprint, offering high-quality storage for a whole range of dumbbells without a huge expense.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty 14 and 11 gauge steel construction.
  • Safely holds Rep 5-50 lb set or 55-75 set
  • 800 lb maximum recommended weight limit.
  • Angled shelves for easy loading/unloading of dumbbells
  • Attractive black powder coating, with rubber feet and laser cut logo
  • 36L x 48W x 24H inches
  • 10 Year Warranty on Frame

Rep Fitness is a great brand, too, and their 3-tier dumbbell rack is an excellent balance between value and quality.

They’re offering a 3-tier rack that is markedly cheaper than Rogue but still includes the most important features.

With 3 tiers, it’s got plenty of storage space and perfectly fits Rep’s 5-50lbs dumbbell range. It’s strong, sturdy, easy to assemble.

And it has a great footprint, offering high-quality storage for a whole range of dumbbells without a huge expense.

This makes it a solid choice for any home gym where you’re trying to save floor space and store a moderate selection of dumbbells.

Unfortunately, it’s not adjustable like the Rogue rack. However, it offers a more affordable rack for the average home gym while still storing 10 pairs of dumbbells.

The steel is high-quality, and the design is simple but effective. Strong adjoining parts give this rack a great lifespan.

It also comes in multiple finishes and colors so you can match it to your existing home gym – and it will never look out of place. 

Key Takeaway:

Rep Fitness 3-tier Dumbbell Rack is our runner-up because it offers a different balance of price and features than Rogue, offering an excellent dumbbell storage rack without the premium price tag.

Best Budget Dumbbell Rack: Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Most Affordable
Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack DBR-86

Marcy is an affordable and accessible home gym equipment brand and their 3-tier dumbbell storage rack is a great way to save space on a budget.

Key Features:

  • Max weight capacity: 1000 lbs
  • 37L x 24.5W x 32H inches
  • Commercial grade steel
  • Durable Powder-coat finish
  • Compact design
  • Multi-level storage
  • Rubberized feet

Marcy is an affordable and accessible home gym equipment brand. Their 3-tier dumbbell storage rack is a great way to save space on a budget.

This rack is a 3-tier design that allows you to store dozens of dumbbells safely and with a reduced footprint against the floor. It has a lower capacity than the Rogue or REP offerings, with a lower price tag and lighter overall design.

This is a narrower, upright dumbbell rack with plenty of space for most home gyms’ dumbbell collection. The construction is reliable, with a weight rating of up to 200kg or 440lbs – more than enough for most users.

This offers the key space-saving and dumbbell-use benefits of a premium rack without the same premium price tag. Savings here can go into more dumbbells and other equipment.

It’s also a great place to start if you’re building out a home gym setup and need dumbbell storage that you can grow into. It has more range than some dumbbell racks, more than others, and takes up relatively little space.

Key Takeaway:

The Marcy dumbbell rack is a great compromise between size and expense, making it perfect for the home gym beginner or intermediate.

Best A-Frame Dumbbell rack: CAP A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Rack

Best A-Frame Rack
CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

If you’re focused on a few pairs of dumbbells, this simple, lightweight rack is a perfect choice with a small footprint and solid construction.

Key Features:

  • Holds 200 pounds
  • Designed to hold 5 pairs of cap hex or rubber hex dumbbells ranging from 5 to 25 pounds
  • Space-saving design
  • Finished with a durable powder coat and constructed of steel tubing
  • 30 day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Item Dimensions – 14.4” length x 12.8” width x 26” height

This is a simple and lightweight dumbbell storage system that you can use to organize your home gym. It’s affordable, like the Marcy rack, with an A-frame design to save as much floor space as possible.

There is space on the CAP metal dumbbell storage rack for 5 pairs of dumbbells, using a 200-pound weight allowance in total.

It’s a great way to tidy up loose dumbbells, save space, and is going to work perfectly for the smaller home gym.

If you’re not using a full dumbbell rack (10lbs – 100lbs), this kind of smaller weight-storage solution is perfect.

Whatever your experience level or budget, this is a simple and effective dumbbell storage solution – though it does lack some of the size and weight-rating of heavy-duty racks like the Rogue or Rep Fitness.

Key Takeaway:

If you’re focused on a few pairs of dumbbells, the CAP A-Frame is a perfect choice with a small footprint and solid construction.

Best Tree Dumbbell Rack: Deltech Fitness 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

Best Vertical Rack
Deltech Fitness Vertical Dumbbell Rack

This is a commercial quality vertical dumbbell storage solution. It maximizes storage space without taking up too much floor space, making it perfect for garage or basement gyms.

Key Features:

  • Holds 8 Pair Hex style or round dumbbells
  • Tough Powdercoat Paint
  • Space Saving Vertical Design
  • 4-5/8″ Between Dumbbell Supports which feature plastic inserts to protect dumbbells

This is another vertical rack but offers stronger construction and space for 8 pairs of dumbbells.

This is a commercial quality vertical dumbbell storage solution. It maximizes storage space without taking up too much floor space in your home gym.

This is perfect for garage gyms, basement gyms, and other places where you need to save space. 

The construction of this rack is heavy-duty with high-gauge steel and heavy joints.

The actual dumbbell slots include a rounded recess to allow for safer storage and reduce the amount of stress placed on the handles of your dumbbells.

This extends their lifespan and offers a better experience – making it a one-time purchase and saving you money in the long term.

It’s weighty and reliable with an extended range compared to products like the CAP A-frame. It takes up more space but saves you more space with this range and upright design. 

This is a great purchase for anyone looking to tidy up an extensive home gym. The stand is reliable, sturdy, and has a very small ‘footprint’ against the floor.

Key Takeaway:

The Deltech Fitness Vertical Dumbbell Rack is a great investment: it is going to last ages, offers a sturdy and reliable dumbbell storage rack, and is more suitable to smaller spaces than the Rogue or rep Fitness table-style racks.

Dumbbell Rack Comparison Table

Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0

Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0

  • Available in 2 Tier or 3 Tier
  • Signature black powder-coat finish
  • Caster wheels
Check Price
REP FITNESS 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

REP FITNESS 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

  • 3-tier storage rack
  • 800 lb weight limit
  • 10 Year Warranty on Frame


Check Price
Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

  • 3-tier storage rack
  • 1000 lbs capacity
  • Durable powder-coated finish
Check Price
CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

  • A-Frame
  • 200 lbs capacity
  • Space-saving design

Check Price
Deltech Fitness 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

Deltech Fitness 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

  • Vertical tree
  • Holds 8 pairs of dumbbells
  • Tough powder-coat paint,
Check Price

Dumbbell Rack Buying Guide 

dumbbell storage rack

Now we’ll go through some examples, what to look for in your dumbbell storage rack, and the info you need to make an informed purchase!

Dumbbell Rack Types 

Tree Weight Rack

vertical dumbbell storage rack

Upright dumbbell storage is the most space-efficient but also requires some of the best materials and builds.

The footprint is smaller than other frames but requires high-grade steel and often has a slightly shorter range of storage options.

Our recommendation is the Deltech Fitness Vertical Dumbbell Rack.

This is a real space-saving trade and often comes with a little extra expense for the premium dumbbell storage racks.

These are great for big budgets and small spaces where vertical space saves floor space!

A-Style Storage Rack

a-frame dumbbell storage rack

These are typically smaller upright dumbbell racks that use two ‘leaning’ vertical racks for storage.

They are typically smaller and very stable but have a limited range or take up more floor space than their totally upright counterpart. The upside is that they’re also cheaper and offer more stability per dollar – it’s just easier to build stable A-frames.

These are some of the most affordable and reliable dumbbell storage options on the market – like the CAP A-frame. If you’re just looking for a simple dumbbell rack that gets the job done, they can be a great choice.

Horizontal shelves

dumbbell storage rack

These are the table or shelf-style dumbbell racks that offer both the best storage capacity and the highest price tag (typically).

They are an investment in the long-term development of your dumbbell collection and home gym. If you’re ready to buy once and use it for a lifetime, the shelf or table-style dumbbell rack is probably your best choice.

The Rogue 3-tier storage rack is a great example of this kind of larger, horizontal-shelf design and is our best overall dumbbell rack. They come with versatility and customizability that makes them great for any home gym.

Staggered (Multi-tier) Shelves

The more shelves you have, the more space you’re saving on your floor plan. This is why tiered shelves like the Rogue and Marcy options are a great way to save space.

These have a greater premium on construction quality since the tiers require good materials and design to maintain stability.

They come with a little higher price tag as a result but, once again, are a long-term investment that can save huge amounts of floor space in a home gym.

Perfect for higher budgets and smaller spaces.

Wheels vs. Fixed

dumbbell storage rack

Wheels are an obvious addition to the function of a rack – letting you move it at will.

These are also moving parts, which makes them prone to damage above and beyond other regions and more expensive than normal racks.

The Rogue rack, for example, has wheels to make it easier to move.

This can be a huge benefit if you’re used to moving your home gym around. Still, it also allows you to move it around to free up extra space for workouts in your home gym – or even move it outside.

Wheels are a great benefit but require a flat surface, a little extra budget, and a space that benefits from them. Wheels aren’t necessary for most home gyms but can be a space-saver and extra versatile in others.

How to Choose a dumbbell rack

dumbbell storage rack

How much space do you have?

The floor space you have available in your home gym is the key factor in whether a dumbbell rack will work for you.

Upright racks offer a limited range of storage options but take up less floor space. On the other hand, larger, longer racks like the Rogue dumbbell rack can store more weight but take up too much floor space for smaller home gyms.

Figure out what floor space you can ‘afford’ and how much space you’re going to save by tidying up those dumbbells. There’s a dumbbell storage option for you out there, but you need to choose based on the space you have and the equipment you’re working with.

What weight capacity do you need?

Unsurprisingly, more storage capacity tends to mean more expense. 

You should reflect on the realistic need you have for your home gym. For example, suppose you’re just getting started. In that case, it might not be smart to buy the biggest rack you can find unless you’re planning on immediately buying a ton of dumbbells.

Check out our guide to buying dumbbells for your home gym.

Equally, if you’ve got a massive home gym with loads of dumbbells, a small A-frame might not get the job done to your satisfaction.

The storage capacity and weight rating need to be appropriate to your current needs and how those needs might evolve in the next 2-5 years. There’s no point buying a rack you’re never going to fill or a rack that falls short of the storage space you need.

If money and space weren’t limited, we’d always say go bigger. However, look to what you’ll realistically need and be reasonable with your space and finances. Your home gym only works if you can pay for the home you keep it in!

What is your budget?

This one is always obvious: you can’t buy something you can’t afford.

Dumbbell racks are a luxury for some – or a necessity for those with minimal space. 

More expensive racks ultimately save more space and offer more longevity, but you might not always need the premium option.

We have several different price points on this list, from the CAP A-frame up to the Rogue 3-tier rack, so there’s something for everyone.

Also, consider that money you save on racks will be available elsewhere, and you might not need the most expensive item every time, depending on your priorities.

Do you need versatility?

Different home gyms have different needs. The addition of things like wheels or customizable storage options can make for a more versatile home gym that works perfectly if you’re training in (for example) a garage where other storage is required.

More-versatile is always better, but it does usually come with its own price bump. Figure out how much versatility you need and then work from there towards the right product based on your space and budget.

Sometimes simple is better, but flexibility is worth its weight in gold as your setup grows when it comes to home gyms. 

Does it need to be portable (i.e., need wheels)?

Portability is one of the key factors in-home gym dumbbell rack versatility. Admittedly, it is a bit of a niche feature. Still, it can make all the difference if you have to move your rack regularly or if you actually move it out of the way to exercise.

Not every home gym needs a dumbbell rack on wheels – and it does seem to be the first feature that breaks a lot of the time.

However, this is a huge space-saver for garage gyms and basements where other items might need storage or for expanding your free, exercise-friendly space.

Wheels are a bonus but do tend to bump the price by themselves. Moving parts are expensive and where damage usually happens.

Dumbbell Rack FAQs

Best Dumbbell Racks for a Home Gym 2

What are the benefits of having a dumbbell rack?

Dumbbell racks save space, help organize your home gym and keep your dumbbells from wearing too quickly.

They are a great way to save floor space – especially the vertical ones – which can greatly benefit smaller home gyms and garage gyms.

They are also useful in some exercises like the dumbbell row, where they double up as support for your non-lifting hand.

Do I need to bolt down my dumbbell rack?

Most dumbbell racks don’t need bolting down, but – like with power racks and other heavy equipment – it’s usually a good idea. The larger the floor space of a rack, the better its organic stability is going to be.

Bolting down requires the appropriate ‘foot’ design on the rack and surface underfoot. However, most racks have rubberized feet to maintain proper balance – while others use wheels (which are optional).

Can I build my own dumbbell storage rack?

Yes, if you have the time and tools.

Coming soon.

What weight dumbbells should I buy?

Nothing is as crucial as getting the right weight.

When you buy a set of non-adjustable, fixed dumbbells, you need to make sure you’re getting an appropriate weight.

People often end up with too heavy weights for light exercises (like curls and lateral raises) or too light for heavier exercises (like squats and deadlifts).
Make sure you select a weight that is going to be appropriate for the exercises you’re doing. If you’re using adjustable dumbbells, that’s no problem – and we’ve got a whole section on that coming up.

However, fixed dumbbells depend on you making an intelligent choice based on your existing strength levels.

Choose a pair of dumbbells that are challenging to perform 10 Romanian deadlifts with. This will usually give you great 1- and 2-dumbbell training options from a single pair.

If possible, add another set of lighter dumbbells that would be challenging for ten reps of the overhead press.


Dumbbell racks are a great utility to have in your home gym and can reduce your dumbbells mess, fuss, and space demands. 

Dumbbell storage is one of the signs of a good home gym and allows for the training benefits of dumbbells without a messy, space-eating pile of weights sitting on your home gym floor.

We’ve outlined racks for every price point and space allowance so that you can get the right choice for your space and wallet!

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