6 Best Barbell Storage Racks for Home Gyms

Barbell storage racks keep your barbells safe, in good order, and make sure that these 7’ poles of metal aren’t just scattered across your floor haphazardly.

Today we’re looking at 6 of the best barbell storage racks (plus some honorable mentions) on the market for all budgets, any amount of barbells, and any home gym setup.

We’re going to cover the best of each category, so you’re equipped to go out there, but what’s right for you, and maximize your home gym storage.

Best Barbell Storage Racks

6 Best Barbell Storage Racks for Home Gyms 1

Best Horizontal Barbell Gun Rack: Rogue V2 Barbell Gun Rack

Best Gun Rack
Rogue V2 Gun Rack

The Rogue gun rack is a high-capacity, reliable, barbell-protecting storage rack – perfect for any home gym with plenty of bars but not enough space. 

Horizontal Barbell storage is an excellent way of keeping floors clear and keeping multiple barbells tidied away with one piece of equipment.


  • Holds: 6 bars
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1.75 x 31.75 inches
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Steel: 7 Gauge Steel

Pros: High-quality, plastic lining, made in the USA.

Cons: Does not come with hardware.

The Rogue V2 Gun Rack has space for 6 barbells – plenty of storage space for just about every home gym. If you’ve got more than 6 bars in your home gym, we’re jealous.

The rack is made of Rogue’s characteristically high-quality parts and joining.

The laser-cut UHMW plastic inserts protect your barbells from scuffing on the knurling, which is important because the rack holds it at roughly a snatch grip (depending on your height), so knurling protection is vital.

We definitely recommend this added extra.

rogue barbell gun rack
Laser-cut UHMW plastic inserts for greater protection.

The only thing you’re not getting with this product is the mounting hardware – so be prepared to take a trip to your local hardware store.

Key Takeaway:

The Rogue V2 Gun Rack is a high-capacity, reliable, barbell-protecting storage rack – perfect for any home gym with plenty of bars but not enough space. 

If you only need storage for 3 bars, then check out the Rogue 3 Bar Gun Rack. It is basically just a compact, half size version of the V2 Gun Rack.

Best Budget Horizontal Rack: Synergee Barbell Gun Rack Wall Mounted

Best Budget Gun Rack
Synergee Barbell Gun Rack

Synergee’s wall-mounted barbell gun rack shines for accessibility, simplicity and offering great features without the extra cost.

The Synergee Barbell Gun Rack is like the Rogue gun rack but with a slightly more streamlined approach to save you money. 


  • Holds: 3 bars
  • Dimensions: 4 x 1.7 x 13.7 inches
  • Weight: 2.4lbs
  • Steel: 11-Gauge steel

Pros: Comes with hardware for mounting, affordable, rubberized barbell cup.

Cons: Not as durable.

It also comes in both 3-bar and 6-bar storage options, but the rubberized barbell cup is standard here, so you’re going to get more product per dollar.

synergee barbell storage rack

The 3-bar option is also great for the solo home gym, where you may only ever need 3 bar spaces.

The design isn’t quite as heavy-duty as the Rogue gun rack, but it also comes with hardware for mounting purposes.

Overall it’s a simpler design and caters to the simpler, newer home gym where you can get started with your barbell storage rack with less cost, all the parts in one place, and the important features as standard.

Key Takeaway:

This doesn’t offer the hard-wearing brand reputation of Rogue, but Synergee’s wall-mounted barbell gun rack shines for accessibility, simplicity and offering great features without the extra cost.

Best Barbell & Plate Storage: Steelbody Horizontal Plate & Olympic Bar Rack

Best Barbell & Plate Storage
Steelbody Horizontal Plate and Olympic Bar Rack Organizer

This is a great little organizer and is defined by solving plate and barbell storage at the same time, at a great price, with a simple and effective design. 

The Steelbody Horizontal Plate & Olympic Bar Rack is a combination storage rack designed to store both bumper plates and 2 Olympic-size barbells.


  • Holds: 2 bars
  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 11.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 300 lbs

Pros: Powder coated, wheels, rubberized handle and feet.

Cons: Finishing a bit lackluster.

This is a perfect storage solution if you’re short on floor space – with vertical barbell storage and space for a full set of non-fractional bumper plates (140kg set: a pair of 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg plates).

This is the perfect one-stop barbell and plate storage solution for most home gyms.

It offers 2 barbell slots (plenty for most of us) as well as storing plates. The result is storing all the essentials aside from clips and baby plates.

Steelbody barbell storage rack

The finish is powder-coated, perfect for a garage gym or other hardy conditions. It’s a single item that tidies up the whole home gym and provides excellent value, easy storage wheels, and a rubberized handle and feet.

Key Takeaway:

The Steelbody Horizontal Plate & Olympic Bar Rack is a great little organizer and is defined by solving plate and barbell storage at the same time, at a great price, with a simple and effective design. 

Best Vertical Barbell Rack: Titan Fitness Olympic Barbell 9 Holder Vertical Storage Rack

Best Vertical Rack
Titan Fitness 9-Olympic Barbell Rack

The Titan 9-barbell storage rack is heavy-duty for serious home gym enthusiasts. If you’ve got more than 6 barbells and need a place to keep them and display them, this is the perfect purchase.

The Titan Fitness Olympic Barbell Vertical Rack is a monstrous barbell rack for those with all kinds of barbells.


  • Holds: 9 bars
  • Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Steel: 9-Gauge

Pros: Heavy duty, good value for money.

Cons: Coating prone to chipping.

It’s a 9-barbell storage rack and uses vertical storage to save floor space, with a heavy-duty build that is going to resist just about anything you throw at it.

Storage space does come down a bit if you’re using a specialist barbell (like the safety squat bar or larger trap bars), but 9 barbells is a huge amount of space.

This is plenty of surplus space for most home gyms, making it a once-in-a-lifetime purchase: you’re going to grow into this storage rack!

This is the perfect storage solution for anyone who actually needs tons of space or is planning on buying more barbells than they can use at one time. Again, we’re jealous.

Key Takeaway:

The Titan Fitness Olympic Barbell Vertical Rack is heavy-duty for serious home gym enthusiasts. If you’ve got more than 6 barbells and need a place to keep them and display them, this is the perfect purchase.

Vertical Rack Honorable Mention: Rogue 10 Bar Holder

If you need even more storage then check out the Rogue 10 Bar Holder. It’s pretty hefty at 75 lbs but boasts Rogue’s high quality and excellent reputation.

Best Budget Vertical Rack: Yes4All Barbell Holder Vertical Storage Rack

Budget Vertical Rack
Yes4All Vertical Barbell Rack

If you’re looking to get a barbell rack that’s suited for more-modest home gyms, then the Yes4All rack is perfectly accessible, effective, and saves tons of space.

The Yes4All Barbell Holder Vertical Storage Rack is like the Titan storage rack but with a more sensible 5 barbell slots – and a better price tag to reflect the more moderate approach to barbell storage.


  • Holds: 5 bars
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Steel: Heavy-Gauge

Pros: Affordable, small footprint.

Cons: Slots can be a little tight.

Yes4All Barbell Storage Rack

With 5 barbell spaces, you’re not going to be short on space. This is plenty of storage for the average home gym, storing Olympic barbells, EZ curl bars, trap bars, and anything else with the standard 2” Olympic diameter.

It bolts into the floor, comes with a powder-coated finish to prevent scuffing, and it’s lightweight enough to fit into any home gym without issue.

In addition, the vertical storage makes this a perfect choice for smaller spaces by sq. ft. and really optimizes for a smaller budget and a smaller space.

Key Takeaway:

If you’re looking to get a barbell rack that’s perfectly suited for more-modest home gyms and need to tidy up your barbells, then the Yes4All Barbell Holder Vertical Storage Rack is perfectly accessible, effective, and saves tons of space.

Best Lean-to Barbell Rack: Rogue Monster Lean-to Rack

Best Lean To Rack
Rogue Monster Lean To

This is an intense purchase, and it’s no surprise that it comes heavy-duty and with a premium price tag. However, if you must have the absolute best, this is it.

Monster is the right word: this barbell storage rack is a huge, top-of-the-line creature with both single-sided and double-sided storage options. The single side can store ten standard barbells or 6 trap bars.


  • Holds: 10 bars
  • Dimensions: 79 x 30 x 83 inches
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Steel: 11-Gauge

Pros: Heavy duty, high storage capacity, US-steel

Cons: Overkill for most home gyms.

The double-sided Rogue Monster lean-to barbell rack can store 15 barbells or 10 trap bars if you’re really going all out. 

We’re not sure whose home gym has 15 barbells, but this rack is there to provide absolute, top-of-the-line storage for the most kitted-out home gyms.

Rogue Monster lean-to barbell rack

As you’d expect, the steel is high-gauge, and the joints are well-designed and affixed to ensure it’s just as heavy-duty as your 10-15 barbells.

This rack uses rubberized U-shaped barbell holders, which make the lean-to safe for barbells and effective in storing barbells without shaking, scuffing, or risk of falling.

Key Takeaway:

This is an intense purchase, and it’s no surprise that it comes heavy-duty and with a premium price tag. However, if you must have the absolute best, then the Rogue Monster lean-to barbell rack is it – a product that makes no compromise and can be used to store $10,000s of barbells in one rack.

Barbell Storage Rack Comparison Table

ImageRack NameFeaturesPrice
Rogue V2 Gun Rack

Rogue V2 Gun Rack

Check Price
Synergee Barbell Gun Rack

Synergee Barbell Gun Rack

Check Price
Steelbody Plate & Bar Rack

Steelbody Plate & Bar Rack

Check Price
Titan Fitness Vertical Barbell Rack

Titan Fitness Vertical Barbell Rack

Check Price
Yes4All Vertical Barbell Rack

Yes4All Vertical Barbell Rack

Check Price
Rogue 10 Bar Holder

Rogue 10 Bar Holder

Check Price
Rogue Monster Lean-to Rack

Rogue Monster Lean-to Rack

Check Price

Barbell Storage Rack Buying Guide 

barbell storage rack

The best barbell storage rack is the one that suits your needs, budget, and home gym.

There are a few key details you need to know before you go shopping – and we’re going to cover them in brief detail so that you know you’re making an informed, smart choice for your gym and wallet alike.

Barbell Rack Types

The two most common barbell racks are horizontal gun racks and vertical racks.

Horizontal Barbell Gun Racks

Horizontal barbell racks are a great way of saving floor space by not putting your rack on the floor.

The two main types are – wall-mounted gun racks and keyhole gun racks.

Wall-mounting makes for a slightly more complicated mounting process – so break out your stud detectors. The trade-off is better, more convenient storage compared with slightly more setup challenges.

It’s also not portable since it’s literally bolted into your wall. It’s also not a great choice if you’re renting – those drywall or concrete mounting screws aren’t going to be easy to clear with a landlord.

However, horizontal gun-rack-style barbell storage systems are a great move for the committed home gym owner.

They’re cheap relative to their storage capacity, they’re light pieces of kit, and the examples we’ve looked at today show that they come with amazing features and a smart approach to barbell storage.

If you’ve got the walls and time to set up a barbell gun rack, you can get a ton of high-quality storage at a great price.

Our Wall-Mounted Gun Rack Picks:

Keyhole gun racks fit into the uprights of a power rack. This makes them highly space efficient and convenient. The only downside is that they obviously require you to have a compatible power rack.

6 Best Barbell Storage Racks for Home Gyms 2
Rogue Monster Keyhole Gun Rack

Vertical Barbell Racks

Vertical storage is often the easiest and lowest-fuss way of dealing with barbell storage. You can get a wide range of prices, storage capacities, and quality with vertical storage that just doesn’t come with gun racks.

The most common types are combination storage (barbell & plates), square upright stands, lean to racks, and rack mount/hanger.

The vertical stands include combination storage like the plate and rack storage we saw from Steelbody earlier.

Bigger, square upright stands offer even more storage at prices comparable to the gun rack – or even more, with the Titan Fitness Vertical Rack – without the same setup or requirement for drilling holes in your walls.

The rack mount or hanger is a space saving option but once again you need a rack to attach it to. Always make sure your mount is compatible before purchasing.

Rogue barbell storage rack
Rogue Rack Mount 4-Bar Hanger

At the top end, vertical lean-to racks offer some of the most premium and extreme storage options. For example, the Rogue Monster Lean-to Rack provides storage for up to 15 barbells and a better storage solution than you’re going to see in most commercial gyms, never mind home gyms!

The vertical barbell rack is a versatile industry.

You can find something to suit your needs at any level – whether you’re just starting your home gym and need a portable solution or you’ve decked out your triple garage with every barbell known to man and need a monster rack.

For more ideas, check out our guide to the best power rack attachments and accessories.

Single vs. Multiple Racks

The final characteristic is how many barbells the rack can hold. This ranges from one such as the Monster Single Bar Holder to something like the Rogue 9 Bar Holder.

Rogue 9 bar holder
Rogue 9 Bar Holder

There are always exceptions, but the most common bar capacities are:

  • Horizontal Racks: 1, 3 or 6 bars
  • Vertical Racks: 1-10 bars
  • Lean-to Racks: 10+

Barbell Storage Rack Features

Once you’ve decided what type of rack you want for your home gym, now you need to know how to evaluate the options. The key features to look for are the materials and design.


The material of a barbell storage rack determines how strong and durable it’s going to be. Almost all of the best racks out there are made of powder-coated steel of various thicknesses (gauges).

Better gauge steel will usually be a better choice since it provides better long-term durability and is often more stable. This does tend to trade-off with the rack’s weight, however, so consider that if you’re moving a rack by yourself or placing it anywhere other than on a concrete floor!

Material choice is even more important in the quality and longevity of moving parts and fastening items. Things like screws and bolts are crucially important. If these are weak, the whole thing is unstable and susceptible to falling apart.

Also, look for racks that with plastic inserts as these protect your barbells from scuffing on the knurling.

Finally, due to wear and tear, there is a high chance that paint will chip so make sure you buy high-quality, durably-finished racks.


This is where it pays to read the user reviews.

Oftentimes, a rack will look great but certain design problems will make it annoying to use. For example, when buying a vertical rack, take note of any mentions of the barbell slots being tight as this will ultimately damage your bar.

Furthermore, if you are planning to store EZ curl or Trap bars are well, make sure the rack accommodates for different barbell types.

Pre-Purchase Buying Considerations

Before purchasing a barbell storage rack there are some key questions you should ask yourself.

How much space do I have?

This is a big one. Some home gyms have a lot of floor space others not so much.

If floor space is an issue we recommend a horizontal gun rack or keyhole rack.

What are the walls & floors like?

Again, a pretty critical question. If you are living in an apartment or renting then spare a thought for potential damage to the walls or floors.

For a primer on keeping your floor safe, here’s some advice on the best gym flooring and how to install it.

How many barbells do I need to store?

This might seem obvious, but you should not only consider your current needs but also future needs.

Also, think about what types of barbells you have. If you are storing EZ curl or Trap bars in addition to Olympic bars then the rack is likely to hold fewer bars.

What is my budget?

A key consideration is always money. Barbell storage racks run from $50 right up to $1000+.

The price is correlated to how many bars the rack can hold and also the quality of the materials. In general, the higher price the longer the rack will last but at the same time there is no point in blowing your budget over features you don’t need.

For those on a budget, do check out the Synergee Barbell Gun Rack or Yes4All Barbell Holder Vertical Storage Rack

How handy am I?

Generally, the wall-mounted racks are going to require some tools and effort to get set up. Most of the racks do come with instructions and YouTube videos but if you are the type of person who couldn’t fix a roller skate then perhaps it’s best to get a vertical rack.

How to Store a Barbell Properly

barbell storage rack

Barbell storage has a few simple lessons you need to take to heart to make sure that your barbells stay healthy, happy, and live up to their lifetime quality expectation.

When we look at barbell storage, there are a few simple concerns that really streamline the process and make selecting a barbell storage rack easier:

Weight distribution

This is simple: the more evenly distributed the weight of a barbell, the better the quality of a rack.

This is why gun racks, for example, are a great choice. They support the barbell’s weight evenly across the bar and reduce the risk of excessive loading at any point, which is a common source of deformation in the long term.

You can easily bend a lower-cost barbell with time if you’re storing it with narrow or off-centered support. Barbell racks should be designed to prevent and reduce these issues. 

This is one of the reasons why some people prefer horizontal bar storage to vertical since the vertical storage of a barbell does produce more maintenance.

The spinning of cuffs is less affected with horizontal storage, while vertical storage increases long-term demand for lubrication and calibration.

Knurling protection

The knurling of the barbell is a huge part of the value that a better bar offers. For example, Eleiko’s knurling is one of the most important and sought-after features that raise the price (along with the flexibility, reliability, and tensile strength).

The last thing you want to do is ruin the grip of a $$$ barbell with careless storage. This is even more pronounced in the areas of the knurling that are most important and commonly used – like the wider knurling in the snatch or the clean- and the press-grip regions.

Good barbell storage racks are rubberized or use other soft materials to prevent damage to the knurling. This is a basic feature that really adds value, which is why products like Synergee’s inexpensive gun rack (which provides rubber cups as standard) get our approval.

Barbell racks can take a beating, but the bar itself needs protecting. If you can’t find a rubberized rack, you can Jerry-rig a solution with other soft materials.

For example, lots of weightlifting gyms use things like cotton or terry-toweling to prevent damage from metal-on-metal contact.

Reducing in-the-rack movement

Like the knurling protection, reducing movement in the rack is just a simple and intuitive way of reducing the friction of metal or rubber on metal. This is another simple bar-protecting way of improving your storage solutions and getting the most from barbell storage.

A well-fitted rubberized cup or barbell holder is all it takes to get this right. This is important in both horizontal racks (to protect the knurling) and vertical racks (to protect the cuff of the barbell and prevent scraping).

This is as simple as good fitment but can also be the result of good, rubberized cups. As above, you can Jerry-rig this kind of problem with a little tape and soft materials to get the desired “tightness” in the rack.

Better products tend to do this for you, like the Rogue monster rack and its obscenely good rubberized U-shaped fixers.

Better rack-fitment means better barbell longevity and a better investment of your hard-earned cash.

Not sure which barbell to buy? Then check out our guide on How to Choose the Right Barbell.

Other related articles:

Barbell Storage Rack FAQs

barbell storage rack

Is it okay to leave plates on the barbell?

It’s okay to leave plates on the bar when storing it on the floor – as after a deadlift, for example.

However, it’s not okay to leave plates on the bar in a squat rack, stand, or power cage.

When the bar is on the floor, the weight is evenly distributed and it’s effectively resting on the plates. On the rack, however, weight is distributed out to the extremes and the bar is under tension stress from the plates.

If the barbell is resting on the plates, it’s fine. However, if the bar is holding the plates, you’re going to slowly cause deformation and increased cuff-sticking (or reduced spin).

Are horizontal barbell racks better than vertical racks?

Horizontal racks are better for barbell maintenance in the long run but also come with more setup demands, including getting the right hardware, making sure the bar-fitment is good, and actually bolting a gun rack into your walls.

Barbell racks that use vertical storage, like lean-to racks, aren’t necessarily a problem.

Suppose you’ve got a very expensive barbell. In that case, you might want to store it horizontally because of the increased maintenance demands of a vertical storage system, but it’s not a huge difference in practical terms.

Most people will not experience significant differences, but horizontal barbell storage does provide an extra precaution.

The principles are the same for both: Good fitment, reducing movement in the rack, make sure that metal-on-metal contact is reduced.

Why is it called a gun rack?

Horizontal barbell racks are referred to as ‘gun racks’ as they resemble the racks that people use to store their rifles.

Final thoughts

A good barbell storage rack gives your barbells the longevity they need while reducing the storage demands on your home gym. 

We’ve outlined 6 of the best options on the market and their trade-offs. There’s a barbell storage rack for just about any home gym out there – the only question is which one is right for your gym and your budget?

With the simple lessons from our buying guide, you’re ready to get the best barbell storage rack for the money, keep your bars safe, and upgrade your home gym setup, whether beginner or hardened equipment-hoarder.

Now you have your barbells organized check out our Best Dumbbell Racks.

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