5 Best Agility Ladders for Sports Training

Agility ladders are a great piece of equipment for increasing your speed and agility on the court or playing field.

We have put this guide together to help you find the best agility ladder for you.

So, let’s begin!

Best Agility Ladders of 2021

Best Overall Speed and Agility Ladder: Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder

Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Review


  • Weight: Unknown 
  • Size: 15 feet (4.6m)
  • Number of Accessories: 6 fitness accessories 

The Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder is the best all-inclusive option. Aside from the ladder, it also has ten cones, four hooks, and three resistance bands.

With all of this equipment, you can design different drills and outdoor exercises for varying skills. 

The ladder measures an impressive 15 feet (4.6m). This allows you to pick up speed and agility as you work through the rungs. It has a durable nylon and plastic construction that is resistant to damage, easy to fold, and lightweight.

The main disadvantage of the Invincible Fitness ladder set is that the included ebooks do not provide drills for the cones. They detail different exercises with the agility ladder, but you will need to find your own workouts with the other accessories.

The cones themselves are also not of the best quality. They are thin and can crack easily. However, the overall set is still very affordable and more than worth the low price tag. 

Apart from the other exercise accessories, the agility ladder also includes access to two e-books. These books detail agility drills for both beginners and more advanced athletes. This saves time having to search for exercises and helps you to take advantage of the product.

It also comes with a handy carry bag with durable material, a zipper, and proper handles. The bag is resistant enough to protect the equipment from damage and not tear the fabric. You can put it in your car or take it on the go to work out. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a full outdoor fitness set, you should take a closer look at the Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set. It includes everything you need to improve your speed, agility, and overall fitness.

Best Rollout Agility Ladder: SPRI Rollout Agility Ladder

SPRI Rollout Agility Ladder Review


  • Weight: 11 pounds (5kg)
  • Size: 16 x 12.5 inches x 15 feet (40.6 x 31.8cm x 4.6m)
  • Number of Accessories:

The SPRI Ladder is the best rollout agility ladder. It features a rubber construction, which is heavy-duty and resistant to damage. This rubber is also non-skid, so you don’t need to worry about the ladder moving during your drills. 

It lies flat and provides a durable alternative to regular agility ladders. Rather than stepping between rungs, you must use the black squares to place your feet. This severely reduces the risk of tripping and provides the same benefits for improving speed and agility. 

The main drawback of the SPRI Rollout Agility Ladder is its weight. At 11 pounds (5kg), it is not the easiest item to move or transport. It rolls up into a compact shape to make it easier to carry, but the weight is still an obstacle to its portability. 

It is also more expensive than some other agility ladders. It may not be the best option for you if you are on a tight budget. However, you are paying for the durability and long life of this product. If you have the money to invest, it can give you years of use without damage. 

This agility ladder uses recycled rubber, which makes it an environmentally-friendly choice. It also rolls and unrolls easily, without losing its smooth surface. It resists slipping on any indoor surface and most outdoor surfaces, so you can take your workout into the garden.

Compared to other agility ladders, it has large gaps between each ‘rung.’ Therefore, it’s great for taller people with longer legs or those that want to work on their stride at the same time as speed and agility. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a durable, heavy-duty agility ladder, you can’t go wrong with the SPRI Rollout Agility Ladder. It can withstand even the most energetic drills and doesn’t slip or tear. 

Best Agility Ladder for Basketball: ALPHAWORX All-in-One Agility Ladder

ALPHAWORX All-in-One Agility Ladder Review


  • Weight: 21.6 ounces (612g)
  • Size: 18 feet (5.5m)
  • Number of Accessories: 3 designs in 1

The ALPHAWORX All-in-One Agility Ladder has a unique design that you can use in 3 different setups. You can place the metal rungs in a classic ladder, series of hurdles, or wall shape.

This allows you to practice all kinds of drills and movements for basketball fitness.

Its metal frame is durable but flexible. It uses premium spring steel that stays firm during use but folds up soft when you need to store the ladder. The rungs have a fabric construction that is strong enough to resist tearing and can also fold up compact. 

The main drawback of this agility ladder is that it doesn’t include any exercise examples or recommendations. The lack of suggestions is particularly frustrating because of the three different setup options.

Fear not, we have put together a list of the 20 Best Agility Ladder Drills for Basketball.

There is also no option to make the ladder longer or shorter. Short of folding over some sections, you are restricted to the exact length of the agility equipment. This could be a disadvantage if you are limited in space. 

We love how easy it is to set up and take down this agility ladder. Even though it might seem intimidating with all the pieces, it folds neatly and doesn’t tangle. You can simply shake the ladder out of the bag, and it’s ready to go. 

We also love how lightweight the ladder is. You can pack it up in a bag and take it with you for outdoor fitness sessions in the park. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a versatile agility ladder, you should consider the ALPHAWORX All-in-One option. It allows you to explore different kinds of drills and improve your general fitness and basketball-specific skills. 

Best Agility Ladder for Football: Teenitor 13 Rung Agility Ladder

Teenitor 13 Rung Agility Ladder Review


  • Weight: 1 pound (453g)
  • Size: 23 feet (7m)
  • Number of Accessories: 1 carry bag

The Teenitor Agility Ladder is the best agility plastic ladder for football and general fitness. It has a premium polypropylene plastic construction, which is durable but flexible.

The plastic can resist damage from your feet or general wear and tear and is also incredibly lightweight.

It is portable and easy to use. You can roll out the ladder in just seconds and fold it up in no time. It doesn’t tangle, and it is lightweight enough to take with you anywhere.

We also love how affordable the ladder is. Compared to its durability, it’s excellent value for money

The main drawback of the Teenitor ladder is that wind or rough weather can move the frame. Because the plastic is so lightweight, it cannot maintain full stability in windy conditions. Therefore, you may need to use weights on the edges to prevent it from flying away.

It is also very long. This could either be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your particular drills and space. The extra length allows you to pick up more speed but could be annoying in smaller areas. 

The ladder comes with a handy carry bag, which you can use to transport the ladder. The bag has a simple drawstring and has a durable fabric that keeps the equipment clean and dry. You can easily throw it in your car trunk or gym bag.

We also love that the ladder is adjustable. You can move the rungs around with a simple adjustment of the black nylon straps. This is perfect if you want to experiment with different kinds of footwork and drills. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable agility ladder for football or other sports, you should consider the Teenitor Agility Ladder. It is an affordable and user-friendly choice for all kinds of fitness. 

Best Agility Ladder for Kids: Yes4All Agility Ladder

Yes4All Agility Ladder Review


  • Weight: 1.1 pounds (499g)
  • Size: 11 feet (3.4m)
  • Number of Accessories: 1 carry bag 

The Yes4All Agility Ladder is the best cheap agility ladder for kids.

It is incredibly affordable and surprisingly durable, with a nylon frame and plastic rungs. All components are resistant to damage and can withstand long agility drill sessions with no issues.

We also like that the distance between the rungs is fully adjustable. You can pick up and move the straps to reduce or increase the space. This is particularly helpful for kids because you can provide extra length and prevent them from tripping. 

The main disadvantage of the Yes4All agility ladder is that the rungs do not always lie fully flat on the ground. This can be a problem if you have dragging feet issues because you can catch one of the rungs and trip. You will need to lift your legs a little higher with this ladder. 

The lightweight design is also a disadvantage at times. If there is wind or you accidentally catch the frame with your foot, you can send it flying. You may need to use weights on either end to avoid this issue. 

The ladder comes with a complimentary carry bag, so you can take the ladder wherever you go. This is particularly useful if you are a school PE teacher or parent and want to use this outside with a group of kids.

It also includes a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. This warranty gives you the peace of mind to try out the ladder and return it if it is faulty or doesn’t suit your needs. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for an affordable and portable agility ladder for kids, you can’t go wrong with the Yes4All model. It is lightweight and adjustable so that you can set it up for all kinds of child-friendly exercise drills. 

How We Chose the Best Agility Ladders

There are a lot of agility ladders on the market nowadays. Trust us – we know, we looked at them all to pick our best list.

To help us narrow down and rank the options, we used the criteria in the Buying Guide section below – including:

  • Length
  • Material
  • Accessories
  • Durability
  • Training Guide
  • Price

With so many options on the market, we couldn’t personally test them all, so we researched the options by talking to real personal trainers, reading user reviews, checking product manuals, assessing overall brand quality and reputation, and checking the current prices.

Agility Ladder Buying Guide

footbal training


Agility ladders come in different lengths and weights. If you want to focus on your speed, you should aim for a more extended ladder. This allows you to pick up your pace and accelerate over a greater distance. 

However, a shorter ladder could be more suitable for agility. With a smaller distance to move backward and forwards, you will have to perfect your movements. Of course, you can adapt your drills to any size of the agility ladder.


Agility ladders usually have a rope, metal, rubber, or plastic construction. Each of these materials has differing levels of durability, weight, flexibility, and portability.

More robust materials like rubber and metal are the most durable. You don’t need to worry about them shifting during your drills or tearing from a misstep. However, they are also the heaviest options and could be challenging to fold. This weight makes them less portable than other materials.

Rope agility ladders are the original design. They are lightweight and fold easily, so you can take them wherever you go. However, they are more likely to move around during drills, which could present a trip hazard. They may also not last as long. 

Plastic can be a good compromise between the heavy-duty and lightweight options. Many ladders use a lightweight polymer that can hold its shape and that you can fold easily. It is more durable than rope but still easy to transport. 


training on ladders

The best-value agility ladders include additional accessories. These items allow you to add more variations to your drills and work on different muscular groups. After all, variety is the spice of life.

These accessories could include cones, hooks, and resistance bands to add to other outdoor workout activities. Many ladders also come with a portable carry bag so you can take your drills from inside to outside. 


Your budget will always be a deciding factor when choosing an agility ladder. All of the options in this review guide are high-quality, but you still get more when you invest. 

Higher-priced ladders have durable construction and can give you more extended use. They also include more fitness accessories, so you can add more variety to your home workouts and achieve your fitness goals. 

Best Agility Ladder Workouts

excerise on agility ladders

There are a variety of simple drills you can do with an agility ladder. These are just a few examples:

  • Simple Hops: Jump with both feet together through each gap between the rungs. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can alternate between single-leg hops. 
  • Zig Zag Hops: First, hop into the first gap between the rungs. Next, skip to the left side, outside of the ladder. In the next step, jump between the next rungs and the right side of the ladder. 
  • Sideways Hops: Follow the same instructions as simple hops but moving sideways. You can also do this in the zig-zag hops style, but again moving from one side to the other. 
  • Forward, Forward, Back: Follow the rhythm of two steps ahead and one step back. This challenging drill will force you to focus on your movements more.
  • Inside, Outside: With each alternating hop, jump two feet together between the rungs and then outside the rungs. You can even try to land on the edges of the ladder if you want to improve your balance as well.
  • One in Run: In this speedy drill, you should try to run through the entire ladder as fast as you can. Each foot should step inside the rungs with every step, and you will need to start again if you miss a square. 

If you want some more ideas, we recommend checking out our article on basketball agility ladder drills.

Agility Ladder FAQs

durable material

What is an Agility Ladder?

An agility ladder is a piece of exercise equipment that you lie on the ground. It looks like a regular ladder in that it has two long sides and various rungs.

However, agility ladders are usually made of plastic or rope rather than metal.

The purpose of an agility ladder is to perform exercises that increase your agility, footwork, balance, and endurance. The spaces between each rung provide a place for you to put your feet. 

The agility ladder is just a simple piece of equipment, but the important thing is how you use it.

There are many activities and drills you can do to make the most of this workout assistant and improve your fitness. 

What are Agility Ladders Good For?

As the name suggests, agility ladders primarily improve your agility. This skill is your ability to move in different directions at speed, with stopping and starting. The more you practice moving through the ladder and changing directions, the more agile you will become. 

They also improve your overall speed. Speed is how quickly you can move in one direction. When you do drills with the agility ladder, you should focus on technique and going as quickly as possible. This can make you faster over time.

Using an agility ladder improves your cardio fitness. Drills are high-intensity exercises that accelerate your heart rate and breathing. Most physicians recommend that you do at least half an hour of cardio exercise every day so that agility ladders can be your focus. 

If you’re looking to burn calories and lose weight, agility ladders are also a great part of your workout routine. The high-intensity of the exercise, and the fact that you stop and start, make your body burn fat at a faster rate. Paired with a good diet, you can quickly drop excess weight.

Lastly, agility ladders can improve your mental focus. When doing drills with alternating steps, you will need to concentrate hard on your movements while traveling at speed. This forces you to focus hard and improves your overall concentration. 

Overall, agility ladders help you to improve the skills that you need for sports like basketball and football. They are also helpful for general fitness and as part of a balanced workout routine. 

What Muscles do Agility Ladders Work?

Agility ladders primarily work on the lower body, but they also benefit muscles in the upper body. They target the following muscles:

  • Hip flexors
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Lower back
  • Quads
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders

Agility ladder drills are a full-body workout, rather than targeting one specific area. You are likely to notice general improvement over time rather than the rapid growth of one particular muscle set. They are fully inclusive exercises that improve your strength and cardio health at the same time. 


In conclusion, agility ladders are an excellent tool that allows you to improve many fitness skills from the comfort of your home.

With their simple design and a variety of drills, you can increase your fitness and strength in no time.

When doing agility ladder drills, make sure to wear comfortable and supportive shoes to avoid twisting your ankle. You should also keep well-hydrated and take regular rests. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, make sure to check with your doctor first. 

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