20 Best Agility Ladder Drills for Basketball

Basketball Agility Ladder

Agility ladder drills are the perfect way to improve your game. 

Do them before every training as a warm-up, and you’ll quickly notice the results. 

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Here’s everything you need to know about agility ladder drills and which ones are the best to improve your basketball game. 

What Is an Agility Ladder Drill?

what are agility ladders

Athletes perform agility ladder drills to improve speed, agility, and resistance.

Agility ladder drills are also an excellent option to enhance your heart’s health and keep your mind sharp for any sport.

Do not confuse agility with speed. Speed is a consequence of agility, but agility is a much greater skill. To get agility, you need to train your body and mind, and the best way to do it is with agility ladder drills. 

One of the sports that require a high amount of agility is basketball, and basketball players understand the importance of agility ladder drills to improve their game. 

Note: High-intensity exercises like agility ladder drills are not suitable if you suffer from injuries or heart conditions. 

Best Basketball Agility Ladder Drills That Are Easy To Perform 

When it comes to agility ladder drills for basketball, you need to know what your goal is. Agility ladder drills can help you improve coordination, balance, footwork, and body awareness.

To get the best results in your basketball training, incorporate the following agility ladder drills into your warm-up:

1. Two Feet In, One Foot Out

The basic agility ladder drill for basketball players. 

For this, you’ll only need to move forward through the ladders placing two feet inside each box. Then, put one foot outside, and repeat. 

2. Two Feet In, Two Feet Out

This is a slight variation from the two feet in and one foot out. 

For this, move forward through the ladder with two feet inside the box and then one foot outside. Right after, the second foot that stepped out must go back in. 

3. Lateral Two Feet In, Two Feet Out

Another variation of the two feet in, one foot out, only this time you’ll do it laterally. 

Move laterally through the ladder, alternate your steps in each box by placing two feet in and then two feet out. 

Remember that the direction you do it will dictate which foot will lead the work. 

4. Scissor Jumps

This is a more advanced agility ladder drill that will bring a lot of benefits to your training. 

You’ll start with one foot inside the box and one foot outside. Move laterally by jumping and switching your feet in the air as you move to the next box. By the time you land on the next box, your feet should’ve changed. 

5. Hopscotch

Hopscotch on agilitty ladders

For this agility ladder drill, you’ll start with your feet inside one box. Then, jump forward and land with one foot outside the box. Next, you’ll jump laterally to land with your two feet inside the box. 

Do it like this: One foot outside first, two in, one out again. Repeat the process. 

6. Tail Whips

You’ll need to alternate between one-touch outside the box with your left foot with one touch of your right foot inside. Only your right foot can touch the inside of the box.

Do it like this: Left foot out, right foot in, right foot out, right foot in, left foot out. Then repeat. 

7. Front Tail Whips

Similar to the tail whip, only this time you’ll only touch the inside of the box with your left foot. 

Right foot out, left foot in, left foot out, left foot in, right foot out. Then repeat. 

8. Lateral Tail Whips

Move sideways through the ladder with only the right foot stepping inside. Alternate between right and left feet outside the box. Once done, repeat using the left foot inside. 

9. Ski Jumps

fit woman training

Start with one foot in and the other out of the box. Then jump to the next box and switch the placement of your feet. Repeat the process. 

10. 90 Degree Jumps

Begin with both feet inside the box and looking to the right. Jump and turn 90-degrees in the air so that you land looking to the front and outside the box. Jump back to the box and 90-degrees so that you land inside and look to the left of the ladder. 

Repeat the process in each box. 

11. Chimney Jumps

Jump as high as you can into each box with both feet.

12. Foot Fire

Start with two feet outside the ladder, then jump inside using both feet. Then outside again with both feet. 

13. Single-Leg Jumps (Forward / Backward)

training with agility ladders

With only one foot, jump in and out of the boxes as you move forward. Then, repeat with the other foot. 

14. Single-Leg Lateral Jumps (Left / Right)

Move laterally, jumping forward and backward with only one foot. Then, repeat the process with the other foot. 

15. Single Leg 90-Degree Jumps

Same exercise as the 90-degree one but using only one foot. Repeat with the other foot once you finish. 

16. Single-Leg Jump Balance and Reach

exercise with agility ladders

Using only one foot, jump from box to box, practicing your balance. Then, repeat the process with the other foot. 

17. Single-Leg Vertical Jumps

With only one foot, start outside the box, then jump in, then again outside. Go from left of the box, to in the box, to right of the box, and repeat. 

18. Single-Leg Lateral Vertical Jumps

Same as with the previous ladder drill, only this time you’ll make the moves sideways. 

19. Single-Leg Two Up / One Back

Start with one foot in, and jump forward. Jump forward again, using only the same foot, and then jump one step back. Then, do two consecutive jumps ahead and one backward again. 

20. Step Back Drill

Start with your feet outside the box as if you were to move laterally. Then, jump and land on one foot inside the box, then immediately jump outside, landing with both feet. Once outside, use both hands as if you were ready to shoot.


Agility ladder drills for basketball are a great way to train speed, coordination, and, more than anything, agility.

Incorporate them into your warm-ups, and you’ll start noticing results pretty soon.

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